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Cars Washed ... And Counting!
Bus Wash
Recycles 85% of Wash Water! Belanger logo
Transit Wash Systems
Delivers a Bus-Sized Clean and Powerful Savings, Too!

'Hybrid Wash' Delivers Maximum Cleaning and Minimum Water Use

  • Soft-touch cleaning components minimize water and detergent needs
  • Hi-Pressure touchless components blast hard-to-reach areas clean with 100% recycled water – reducing metal corrosion and paint deterioration

Efficient Wash Motors and Controller Give Us Power Management Tools to Conserve Resources

  • This system's soft-touch equipment uses 60% less power than soft-touch equipment from other manufacturers
  • Smart controller shuts off water and power between washes in 1 second

When It Comes to Fresh Water Use, It's Like Washing a Bus in a Bathtub!

  • Uses just 50 gal. of fresh water per wash – same as a 6-ft. bathtub!
  • Fresh water used only for detergent application and rinsing

For more information, contact David Belanger at: 248-521-3482, or dbelanger@belangerinc.com

Feature Benefit
Hybrid Wash Format Uses a smart mix of soft-touch and touchless wash components to maximize cleaning results with minimum fresh water use
Soft-Touch Cleaning Components Minimize water and detergent use, by cleaning with the touch of soft-cloth wash media
High-Pressure Touchless Cleaning Uses 100% recycled water to blast hard-to-reach areas clean - reducing metal corrosion and paint deterioration with zero impact on fresh water consumption
High-Efficiency Wash Motors Use 60% less power than motors used in competitive soft-touch equipment, saving money and energy
Smart Controller Shuts off water and power within 1 second between wash cycles, nearly eliminating waste
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