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Cleaning and Rinsing Arch
Brings The Best Of The Driveway Into The Wash Bay™

The DuraJet® Arch generates customer loyalty with LED-illuminated manifolds, and patent-pending Twist-N-Flip™ nozzle action that targets vehicle fronts, sides, backs and mirrors. The intriguing ‘Sway & Spray’™ trapezoidal motion that creates 30° of overlapping coverage from each nozzle, and 19 zero-degree turbo nozzles perfect for high-impact or high-volume applications.

Because the ‘Sway & Spray’™ motion emulates a handheld hose’s arcing application, it helps ‘Bring The Best Of The Driveway Into The Wash Bay’™. Meanwhile the DuraJet® Arch’s high appeal ‘Ensures Traffic Counts Fund Your Bank Account’™.

To deliver operational simplicity, low cost of ownership, and maximum uptime, the DuraJet® Arch achieves these results without the installation, maintenance and programming complexities of belts, chains, photo eyes, sonars, or sensors. What’s more, the built-in ‘flipping’ action uses one air cylinder to automatically synchronize all 3 manifolds, for ultra-dependable cleaning performance.

For easy integration into any tunnel and sustained ROI, the DuraJet® installs in just 36” of tunnel space and features durable stainless steel manifolds and a grease-free bearing design. And since every operator has their own preferences, the DuraJet® is designed to work with two different integrated pump stations, that offer medium or high-pressure applications as desired.

For more information, call or text Sean McBride at:
248-640-0478, or smcbride@belangerinc.com

Feature Benefit
LED-illuminated wash manifolds Generate customer interest and build loyalty
Patent-pending Twist-N-Flip™ nozzle action Targets vehicle fronts, sides, backs and mirrors
Utilizes one air cylinder to synchronize all three manifolds Delivers ultra-dependable cleaning performance
‘Sway & Spray’™ trapezoidal motion Creates 30° of overlapping coverage from each nozzle
Uses NO belts, chains, photo eyes, sonars or sensors Operational simplicity, low cost of ownership, and maximum uptime
Grease-free bearing design Minimal maintenance requirements
Installs in just 36” of tunnel space Easy integration into any tunnel
Uses medium or high-pressure pump stations Operational flexibility
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