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For clean wheels, a good scrub is a great start. That's why DuraScrubber®, part of Belanger's complete wheel cleaning system, offers "eight feet of clean" – a full 96-inch length to ensure that even the largest wheels get scrubbed through a complete rotation.

DuraScrubber® features alternating 12" and 7" diameter crushed end tip bristles, to clean deep between wheel spokes, while also scrubbing the intricate latticework and foreground designs of today's complex OEM and aftermarket rim assemblies.

Because a wheel scrubber is called upon twice for every vehicle washed, DuraScrubber® is built to last. Featuring a frame of double-wall aluminum and oversized pivot bearings and brush spindle bearings, DuraScrubber® is engineered for extreme durability.

Available in your choice of hydraulic or electric drive, and requiring only the corresponding hydraulic or electrical connection and an air line, DuraScrubber® is easily integrated into your wash bay. This simple installation offers you a true "set and forget" wheel cleaning solution.

Feature Benefit
Alternating 12" and 7" diameter crushed tip bristles Delivers deep penetration cleaning on all types of wheels
Downward spin clean action Provides optimal penetration into the deep rim crevices
96" of wash action per wheel Ensures at least one full tire rotation contact even on the largest of vehicle wheels
Built-in guide rail Safely transitions vehicle into wash applicator and protects tire side walls from accidental damage
Retractable feature Enables equipment to be retracted for certain vehicles
Double wall aluminum frames Provide superior durability
Available in green powder coating, or aluminum finish Enables operators to choose the right finish, at the right price for their washes
Hydraulic or Electric hook-up Easily meets your facility’s utility requirements
Floor-mounted design Promotes ease of installation
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