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Hybrid Hydro Mitter™

The Hybrid Hydro Mitter™ is a highly flexible cleaning component that incorporates powerful cleaning action of a high-pressure wash with the added superior cleaning action of cloth, all in one innovative design.

The Hybrid Hydro Mitter consists of 16 rotating and 10 stationary high-pressure nozzles, along with 4 soaker nozzles, and a bank of three cloth mitter racks. Each high-pressure nozzle is precision milled to create the perfect spray pattern. With fully adjustable nozzle stroke lengths, operators can easily deliver targeted spray delivery that meets their site’s specific wash requirements.

The Hybrid Hydro Mitter is a valuable addition to any tunnel configuration because it provides total vehicle cleaning coverage in one compact component design.

Feature Benefit
Combines the power of high-pressure and cloth cleaning into one component Provides complete vehicle cleaning coverage
Cloth mitter design Quieter operating experience
Adjustable stroke length Customized wash delivery
One common 2HP drive operates both cleaning actions Minimizes maintenance requirements
Aluminum design Superior durability
Advanced mitter plate design Quick and easy maintenance
Compact cleaning design Minimal tunnel space required
Available in red or blue cloth Promotes your marketing image
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