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Pivoting Wheel Stinger®
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Part of Belanger's complete wheel cleaning system, the Pivoting Wheel Stinger® is designed to blast wheels clean with high volumes of medium- pressure or high-pressure water, removing stubborn grime and debris, while providing an aggressive final rinse as the foundation for a great shine.

Unique among touch-free wheel washers, the Pivoting Wheel Stinger® detects and follows the wheel as it travels along the tunnel line, delivering a full 60 inches of linear coverage. This provides a thoroughly clean wheel even when running a large volume of vehicles at high line speeds.

As well, the eye-catching pendulum swing motion gets the attention of customers, and signals to wheel cleaning buyers that their vehicle is getting extra-special attention. To deliver pinpoint cleaning accuracy, each manifold features three adjustable nozzle discs, each housing five separate two-degree nozzles.

Simply put, the Pivoting Wheel Stinger® makes spray-wand jockeys obsolete. It delivers more power and precision than a hand-held wand ever could. And it's more consistent, dependable and affordable than any wheel-prep employee ever has been.

Reclaim application also available. Please consult factory for specifications.

Feature Benefit
Pendulum swing motion Delivers 60-inches of linear travel wash coverage per wheel for maximum cleaning results
Touch-free wheel & tire washer Eliminates any damage concerns
Air-over-oil motion control Delivers smooth reliable movement with near zero maintenance requirements
Engineered with aircraft aluminum construction Superior product durability
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