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Rocker Spin Clean™

Automatically prep all in-bay or tunnel vehicles with Belanger’s Rocker Spin Clean™. The Rocker Spin Clean™ uses turbo, spin action nozzles for wide effective prepping of the vehicle rocker panels. From the front of the vehicle all the way to the back, the Rocker Spin Clean™ uses high-pressure water to effectively clean heavy dirt and snow off the most stubborn lower third areas of a vehicle in preparation for the wash process. With a maximum working pressure of 900 PSI of water at 19 GPM this product delivers peak water efficiency that results in less expense to owners. Both passenger and driver side Rocker Spin Clean™ assemblies are easily mounted to the tunnel floor, and because of their stainless steel triple bearing design, require minimal maintenance.

Feature Benefit
Automatic vehicle prep unit In-Bay and tunnel wash designs
Water driven motion Eliminates cost and maintenance of electric or hydraulic drive motion
900 PSI of water at 19 GPM Highly efficient with peak water usage
IMEG 1/8" NPT 5°/0.5 GPM nozzles Advanced prepping results
Adjustable spray patterns Adapts to your wash needs
Stainless steel swivel triple bearing High durability with minimum maintenance
Available in 2 UV protective foam sleeve covers Helps protect equipment and promote image
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