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Speedy Green

Belanger® Equipment Helps ‘Speedy Green’ Car Wash Deliver On Its Promise

QuickFire® wraps help deliver clean cars without prep

MANASSAS PARK, VA – If there’s one ‘silver lining’ to the current economy, it’s this – there are now many desirable pieces of commercial real estate available to entrepreneurs. For folks like Chip Ashton of Speedy Green Car Wash, it’s been a real opportunity to build a strong business in a great location … such as an out-of-business auto dealership on a prime corner lot.

“With Speedy Green, we’re unlocking the profit potential of an expansive, well-located parcel of ground that was simply going to waste,” Ashton says. “We’ve got great traffic from both directions, plenty of stacking space, and a wide curb cut that facilitates easy ingress and egress,” he notes. According to Ashton, the site is perfect for an express car wash, with plenty of room for additional profit centers.

“We’ve anchored the site with an express tunnel that gives every customer a 3-minute wash tailored to their needs and budget – from $3 to $10,” Ashton remarks. What’s more, Speedy Green does so in an environmentally responsible way. “Our name says it all,” he notes. “We’re dedicated to providing quick, convenient service … and committed to recycling 100% of the water that falls off the car in the tunnel.”

Of course, equipment selection is key to achieving those goals. “Chip had a clear vision of how he wanted his wash to function,” says Tighe Gillis of Belanger distributor Carwash Solutions. “We recommended the DuraTrans XD conveyor for the uptime he needed, along with QuickFire wraps and Top Wheel to eliminate any need for prepping.” Gillis continues “To this we added a Pivoting Wheel Stinger, Chameleon arches

“Our Belanger equipment delivers the speed and cleaning to keep folks coming back. The QuickFires help us wash without prep, and the Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner do an impressive job on wheels and tires.”

— Chip Ashton, Speedy Green

and DuraShiner CV tire shiner, for maximum show and extra-service revenue potential.”

“Tighe’s right,” says Ashton. “Our equipment package helps ensure we produce a very clean, very dry car with no wash labor.” According to Ashton, an employee shouldn’t do anything the equipment can do better, cheaper and faster. “We typically have a greeter, a loader and a ‘floater’ to assist our visitors,” he notes. “All of them are devoted to helping people, not mopping and drying cars.”

Ashton says having the right equipment makes this focus on service possible. “It’s simple,” he says. “Our Belanger equipment delivers the speed and cleaning to keep folks coming back.” He adds, “The QuickFires help us wash without prep, and the Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner do an impressive job on wheels and tires.” As Ashton shares, the popular wash offering helps ensure a steady supply of business for the other profit centers on site, as well.

“We also offer detailing – both self-service and professionally done – with detail bays stocked with Meguiar’s products.” Ashton says his ‘U-Detail-It’ bays are a national first, and his licensing model with Meguiar’s is something he’d like to franchise. “As well, we offer a Bike Wash that raises the motorcycle for easy washing, and a dog wash featuring everything an owner needs to bathe and groom their best friend.”

As Ashton comments, if you offer the right services, folks will spend and spend well. “With the wash, we’re averaging $9 a car – which we’re thrilled with, considering our top wash is $10,” he remarks. Ashton says 56% of customers buy that top package – and many also buy the $3 tire shine. He concludes “At Speedy Green, our profitability is proof – you can build a viable business with a sustainable footprint.”

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