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Belanger® Replaces Belanger®, As Tunnel Car Wash Chain Evolves

Reprinted from Times Record News, Aug. 2, 2011.
Ayres shows off newly renovated express tunnel

WICHITA FALLS, TX – Like any successful car wash chain, All-American Car Wash has grown and changed along with its customers – always staying in touch with the market. “We opened our first site on Southwest Parkway in 1997,” says owner Larry Ayres. “We wanted to meet all of our customers’ auto appearance and preventative maintenance needs, with full-service washing, detailing and a lube shop.”

Ayres opened that location with Belanger equipment, which he says served him well for 14 years. “Our original tunnel system supported our business superbly,” he notes. “It produced clean cars that met our customers’ high expectations, and delivered the ‘uptime’ to keep us running reliably.” He adds “Equally important, was our strong relationship with Ralph Nasca, who helped us get started and keep going.”

“Larry has been passionate about car washing from the start,” comments Nasca, of Belanger distributor Pro-Tech Service Company. “We configured a Belanger tunnel that was ideal for his full-service wash for 14 years – and when the time came, we reinvented that tunnel with the latest Belanger gear.” He goes on “Today, that wash successfully processes twice as many cars – and it continues to grow.”

Ayres agrees. “In 2007, we bought a nearby full-service competitor at Kell & McNeil.” Ayres explains that he initially kept the location (also Belanger-equipped) as a full-serve, realizing over time that it would work better as an express exterior. “We knew we could serve our

“Belanger equipment is a cornerstone of our business – supporting full-service and express washing. Customers love the speed and cleaning, and we enjoy reliability that lets us focus on the car, not the equipment.”

— Larry Ayres, All-American Car Wash

full-service customers best at Southwest Parkway – but first we needed to upgrade our original site’s equipment to handle much higher volumes.”

‘Phase One’ was just that – modernizing the original site to handle a huge influx of new full-service customers. “We added a DuraTrans conveyor for its ultra-dependable, easy-to-service design,” Ayres remarks. He also upgraded to a QuickFire® wrap for its high-speed capabilities, a DuraShiner® CV tire shiner for faster, more consistent shining, and added extra AirCannon™ dryers for more throughput.

According to Ayres, wash volumes at the original site doubled within the first month. For ‘Phase Two,’ he upgraded the Kell and McNiel site for express exterior washing – and that site’s volumes are likewise on track to double quickly. “At Kell and McNiel we also used a DuraTrans, QuickFire, and DuraShiner for speed and quality,” he says. “And 120 HP of AirCannons plus an AirBlade for a thorough, towel-free dry.”

As Ayres observes, the right equipment package is the foundation on which the operator runs a successful wash – so it’s imperative to choose wisely. “Belanger equipment is a cornerstone of our business – supporting full-service and express washing,” he comments. Customers love the speed and cleaning, and we enjoy reliability that lets us focus on the car, not the equipment.”

As for what comes next, Ayres says that’s easy to see. “We own a third site we purchased with ‘catalog’ equipment already installed,” he remarks. “While it still has some life in it, it will be replaced with Belanger when the time is right.” And what about building additional locations? “Absolutely,” Ayres says. “We’re definitely planning more sites – with the help of Pro-Tech Services and more Belanger equipment!”

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