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Successes In Car Washing Belanger® Tunnel
The Auto Spa

Belanger® Tunnel a New Start for Florida Wash

Every wash starts with Belanger's Top Wheel™

The Auto Spa treats every car to AirBlade® dryers

POMPANO BEACH, FL — When Stu Lutz and his tenants at the Sunshine Service Station parted ways, the tenants removed the equipment from Lutz’s car wash, leaving him with an empty tunnel ... and an opportunity.

“I saw this as my shot at redefining our car wash,” Lutz says. “I knew it was important to choose equipment that would support our business model, and a good distributor to support the equipment.”

According to Lutz, while the old wash was a competitor's brand, Belanger equipment was a prime candidate for his reload. “The old wash was full service, but I wanted to convert to express exterior,” Lutz says. “I needed equipment that could get the car clean and dry without a person ever touching it.”

“Now, with just one person loading cars, I’m washing 150 cars a day average, and as many as 260 cars on a good day.”

— Stu Lutz, The Auto Spa

Lutz notes that while he considered other manufacturers, they “just weren’t at the same level as Belanger.” Lutz adds “I was really impressed by the construction of the Belanger equipment, which my customers have commented on since we re-opened.”

That equipment has helped Lutz run a successful express wash. “The equipment has performed exactly as promised by Mike Kelch from Wash Plus,” he says.

Of course, Lutz’s customers have noticed the improvements, too ... and rewarded him with more business. “The old full-service wash averaged 35 to 40 cars a day,” Lutz says. “Now, with just one person loading cars, I’m washing 150 cars a day average, and as many as 260 cars on a good day.”

Lutz adds that his new model isn’t just about volume ... it’s about dollars per car, as well. “With the Belanger equipment, we have plenty of opportunities to upsell,” Lutz says. “Customers love the DuraScrubber, Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner. They also love the foam pods and the great show they produce.”

By equipping his wash with differentiating pieces like the Top Wheel™ with NeoTex™ and AirBlade® dryers, Lutz has built a wash that caters to all of his customers. “We can get folks on the property with a $3 wash that delivers a noticeably cleaner, drier car than other express washes,” Lutz observes. “We can then upsell those folks with the extra service offerings, including packages for $5, $8 and $11.”

Lutz notes that owning a wash that requires so little labor has enabled him to build a successful detail business, as well. He says “Our detail service allocates labor to another profit center, while the car wash draws potential detail customers onto the lot.”

It’s obvious to Lutz that his wash offerings are earning loyal fans. “We see a lot of familiar faces,” Lutz observes. “We’re certain those frequent customers are driving our volume, and spreading the word about our Belanger wash to friends and family.”

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