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Successes In Car Washing
Belanger® Tunnel
Texaco Las Lomas

Belanger® Tunnel Cuts Labor, Boosts Profits for Puerto Rico Operator

Tunnel includes a DuraShiner® CV tire shiner

AirBlade® Express system delivers a thorough dry

GUAYNABO, PR – Always a savvy businessman, José Naveira of Texaco Las Lomas ‘reads the market’ and responds quickly. “For ten years we operated a profitable full-service wash,” he says. “But last year things changed ... the new minimum wage laws made labor more expensive, and the economy also took a downturn.” Naveira remarks “Our customers still wanted clean cars, but with a lower-overhead offering.”

That led Naveira to convert his full-service tunnel to an express exterior operation. “Our old tunnel was made by a manufacturer known mostly for gas station rollovers,” he explains. “As a ‘mini’ tunnel, it required extensive labor to meet our customers’ expectations.” Naveira says the wash required between four to six full time employees, loading, prepping and wiping down every car at the tunnel’s exit.

“I knew we needed a wash system that would produce clean, dry cars with a minimum of labor,” Naveira says.

“Our Belanger tunnel delivers clean, dry cars with just one employee. Our customers love how the AirBlade Express sheets water off the cars, and appreciate the consistent tire shine results from the DuraShiner CV.”

— José Naveira, Texaco Las Lomas

“I turned to Angel Castro, who is known for putting together top-performing washes here on the island.” Naveira adds “Angel recommended Belanger equipment – and a tunnel 30 feet longer to wash and dry more cars per hour, and do it quickly to meet the demands of express washing.”

“With his established clientele and great location, I knew the transition to express washing would be good for José’s wash,” says Castro of Car Wash And Detail Distributors, a local Belanger distributor. “I suggested a full tunnel package, topped off with a DuraShiner CV tire shiner and 60-HP AirBlade Express drying system.” Castro jokes “Then I convinced José to expand his building to make it all fit.”

“We made the tunnel longer, wider and taller,” Naveira remarks. “And Angel was right – the results have been worth every brick we added.” He notes that while the extra length was required, the increases in height and width were done to improve the experience of customers. “With the addition of new wall panels, we’ve made the wash very open, bright and inviting,” he says. “People have definitely noticed.”

“Our Belanger tunnel delivers clean, dry cars with just one employee,” Naveira says. “Our customers love how the AirBlade Express sheets water off the cars, and appreciate the consistent tire shine results from the DuraShiner CV.” He adds “In fact, 60% of our visitors now choose our $16 top wash package – which is an $8 upsell from our basic wash.”

Naveira remarks “This is a service business, so it’s imperative that we meet the customer’s needs.” He notes “That includes the need for a clean, dry car with ride-through convenience and a fair price.” Naveira adds “The fact that we’ve removed most of the labor expense makes this a real win-win.” He concludes “That’s why I’m looking forward to our upcoming busy season. I only wish we’d done this sooner.”

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