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Belanger® Tunnel Equipment
Xpress Car Wash

Belanger® Tunnel Equipment a ‘Home Run’ for Express Conversion / Reload

QuickFire® virtually eliminates costly manual prepping!

TROY, OH – When Ken Shaffer and partner Bev Christian bought what is now Xpress Car Wash at a sheriff’s sale, they opened a new chapter for the property. “We knew this site had potential with its great location, visibility and traffic count,” Shaffer recalls. “Although it had been full service, we knew that wasn’t the best fit,” he explains. “So Bev and I converted it into an express exterior with a real personal touch.”

While they considered several brands of equipment for the conversion, Shaffer was intrigued by Belanger’s offering. “I saw a magazine ad that caught my eye,” he recalls. Shaffer called the factory, who connected him with Ken Money, from Belanger distributor Indy Distributors. “When we met, I could see the opportunity they had to create a winning express – supported by the right equipment,” Money notes.

“I had previous experience with multiple car wash sites,” Shaffer says, “so I knew that Ken Money was giving us good advice.” He adds “We had a short conveyor – 85 feet – inside a 120-foot building. What’s more, the wash was lightly equipped, which demanded a lot of labor for prep and touch-up.” Shaffer says Money recommended a longer conveyor, along with equipment to reduce labor and support upselling.

As Shaffer observes, the project started with a DuraTrans® XD conveyor – to keep the wash running smoothly and maximize uptime. “I love the grease-free design and open-frame construction,” he notes. “And with the quick-pin release take-up and roller-up cartridges, I can perform routine maintenance at my

“Our Belanger tunnel equipment is central to our success. We’re enjoying high uptime, fantastic cleaning and low labor costs – a truly profitable combination. We’ll definitely equip future locations with Belanger.”

— Ken Shaffer, Xpress Car Wash

workbench, not in the pit.” He laughs “I’m 75 years old – I don’t need to be climbing around down there!”

To minimize prep work and deliver an outstanding clean on the fronts, sides and backs of vehicles, the duo relies on the QuickFire® wrap. “Compared to conventional wraps, the QuickFire virtually eliminates the need for mopping,” Shaffer comments. “Its overlapping action prevents rear ‘skunk striping’ – and our customers love how the wrap follows the car for extra cleaning, even at higher line speeds.”

On the top package, Xpress Car Wash customers get a ‘triple shot’ of wheel and tire care with Chemical Tire Applicators (CTAs), DuraScrubber® wheel cleaner and DuraShiner® CV automatic tire shiner. “Our basic wash delivers a satisfying clean,” Christian remarks, “and our top package builds on that, adding sparkling wheels and evenly dressed, glossy black tires. People see the value – and want to buy it.”

According to the pair, the choice of wash equipment has been an important factor in the site’s quick turnaround. “Our Belanger tunnel equipment is central to our wash’s success,” Shaffer says. “We’re enjoying high uptime, fantastic cleaning results and low labor costs – a truly profitable combination.” Looking forward, he adds “We’ll definitely equip future locations with Belanger – that’s a given.”

Of course, their business model relies on car counts – but thrives on high-margin upselling. “We broke even in our very first month and we’re rapidly building volume,” Shaffer notes. “Our packages are called the Double, Triple and Home Run – and when customers hit a ‘Home Run,’ so do we.” He says a whopping 63 percent choose the Home Run – which at $10 is twice the price of the $5 basic wash. “We’re batting a .630 on that top package,” says the former football coach. “I’d say that’s not too shabby.”

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