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Long Wharf Mobil

Belanger® Tunnel Equipment Takes Mobil Station ‘Back to The Future’

Customers love the wash – and 60% buy upgrades!

NEW HAVEN, CT – For Harvey Glazer and George Germano of Long Wharf Mobil, owning a gas station and car wash is about meeting the demands of their local market … and the needs of every customer. “We bought this business in 1986,” recalls Glazer. “It’s brought us new opportunities ever since.” He explains that the car wash has gone through several iterations, each in response to changing customer expectations.

“Early on, the site had a rollover-style automatic,” Glazer remembers. “That wash built a loyal customer base, but simply couldn’t keep up with the demand.” Looking for better throughput, the partners installed a locally-sourced tunnel wash in their 60-foot bay. “The tunnel wash definitely washed more cars,” Glazer comments. “We did upwards of 80,000 cars a year with that system.”

Glazer says that after 10 years, that tunnel was experiencing frequent breakdowns. “In 2000, it was time for a reload, and we had the sense our market was shifting toward touchless washing,” he recalls. Glazer says he and Germano installed a single-arm touchless in-bay, which proved popular but shared the throughput limitations of the old rollover. “We were washing about 30,000 cars a year, tops,” he notes.

Early in 2010, the touchless in-bay was showing its age, and the partners knew it was time to reconsider a tunnel wash. “This area has done nothing but grow, and we were certain a modern tunnel wash would best serve our customers,” Glazer says he and his partner talked with Mark DiTommaso of Belanger distributor

“Our Belanger wash packs a lot of clean into 60 feet. The Gyro wraps hug the front, sides and rear … while the mitters and top wheel make the hood and roof sparkle. With the AirCannons, it’s the complete package.”

— Harvey Glazer, Long Wharf Mobil

Auto Shine Car Wash Systems, who they knew and trusted well.

“I showed Harvey and George how Belanger tunnel equipment would reinvigorate their wash bay from the ground up,” says DiTommaso. “I recommended an equipment package that would deliver the throughput they needed, along with superior cleaning results and plenty of upsell opportunities.” He adds “I also suggested electric drive wash components, for a smooth and quiet customer experience folks were sure to remember.”

“Mark was absolutely right about this wash,” observes Glazer. “It’s the nicest car wash we’ve owned in 24 years.” He comments “We’re seeing it in our higher wash counts and ticket averages.” He adds “We’re also hearing it from our customers – they’re telling us the new wash exceeds their expectations.” Glazer says that even as a veteran operator, he’s been highly impressed by the system’s cleaning power.

“Our Belanger wash packs a lot of clean into 60 feet,” Glazer comments. “The Gyro wraps hug the front, sides and rear … while the mitters and top wheel make the hood and roof sparkle.” He adds, “With the AirCannons, it’s the complete package.” Glazer says the new equipment package has done more than get noticed; it’s getting real business results, as well.

“We fully expect to double our cars washed with this system,” Glazer remarks. He observes that while the volume increase is rewarding, it’s not the only benefit of the new wash. “We have 60 percent of customers buying upgrades, which doubles our ticket average,” he says. “It’s simple. Our Belanger wash takes the proven tunnel format into the 21st century, with unbeatable cleaning and fantastic upsell potential. As far as we’re concerned, it’s an instant classic.”

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