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Successes In Car Washing
Belanger® Tunnel
Star 95 Car Wash

Belanger® Tunnel Plays Starring Role at Star 95 Car Wash

Star 95 Car Wash's Belanger® tunnel in action

Every car is treated to AirCannon® dryers

CAMBRIDGE, MN – As Steve Smith of Star 95 Car Wash will tell you, full-service car washing requires more than labor ... it requires a commitment to providing the best value for the customer’s dollar. “We planned Star 95 as a full-service wash from the beginning,” Smith says, “so we started by seeking the right car wash equipment to support our business.”

Smith says he and partners Dr. Don Grossbach, Ron Grundyson and Ed Melcher attended the ICA Show in Las Vegas to compare wash equipment. “We considered equipment from several manufacturers, but decided on Belanger for multiple reasons,” Smith notes. “We could see how solid and stable the Belanger equipment was during operation,” he says. “And we were impressed to learn that so many auto manufacturers rely on Belanger to wash brand-new cars right on their assembly lines.”

“As new investors, the Star 95 guys wanted hassle-free equipment that would allow them to focus 100% on providing the best customer experience,” says Barry Balzer of distributor Belanger of Minnesota. “I assured them the 100 foot Belanger tunnel we installed would deliver exceptionally clean cars and reliable performance.” He adds “It’s been great to see them do so well over the past three years.”

“Our Belanger conveyor is bullet proof, enabling us to wash up to 95 cars per hour, and that's full-service. In fact, every piece from the underbody wash to the dryers has exceeded our expectations.”

— Steve Smith, Star 95 Car Wash

“Even though we were new to car washing, we understood that it’s a service business,” Smith says. “We wanted to deliver an extraordinary wash, with interior cleaning and detailing available.” Smith notes that his kids and their friends had been driving 40 minutes south for full-service washing. “Car washing is about meeting the customer’s needs, and we saw a real need for full-service in our market,” he observes.

As the only full-service wash in East Central Minnesota, Star 95 has built a loyal following. In just 35 months, the wash has grown to nearly 40,000 cars per year – and recently celebrated its 100,000th wash. In addition, Star 95 has nearly 400 members in its “Unlimited Wash Club” monthly pass program – impressive in a town of just 5,500 people.

“We offer five wash packages, from 1-Star to 5-Star,” says Smith. “Our 5-Star wash comes with every online service we offer, plus an interior cleaning including windows, vacuuming and dash.” He adds “Our 1-Star wash gives folks a quick, affordable wash in our tunnel, with the personal service they expect.”

According to Smith, offering customers the right choices is important ... and owning the right equipment makes it possible. “Most washes don’t offer five packages, but we strive to meet customers’ needs exactly,” he notes. Smith says regardless of wash package, he can always spot a car washed at Star 95. “It’s just that much cleaner,” he laughs.

The bottom line? “Your tunnel has a starring role in your car wash, so you must select it wisely,” Smith says wryly. “Our Belanger conveyor is bullet proof, enabling us to wash up to 95 cars per hour, and that's full-service.” He adds “In fact, every piece from the underbody wash to the dryers has exceeded our expectations.” Smith concludes “Our customers count on us, and we count on Belanger.”

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