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Belanger® Tunnels
Manheim Ohio

Belanger® Tunnels Deliver Stellar Results at High-End Auto Auction

Ready for auction - another clean car at Manheim Ohio

GROVE CITY, OH – Most late-model auto auction locations focus on wholesaling affordable, ‘mass market’ cars within five years of the current model year. At Manheim Ohio, the operation is decidedly more upscale. “Today, we offer mostly highline vehicles such as BMW and Audi,” says Greg Chesko, the site’s Assistant General Manager. “Historically, we have also handled desirable current-year vehicles, such as press cars, factory surplus and executive demo units.”

Chesko says that while Manheim as a whole handles more than 10 million late-model used vehicles a year “from across the spectrum,” each location receives the vehicles best suited to its local-market buyers. “Manheim Ohio caters to the affluent suburbs surrounding Columbus,” he notes. “Manheim has found that higher-end cars do quite well here, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to prove them right.”

According to Chesko, the expectations of wholesale vehicle buyers have been increasing steadily – but this is especially true with ‘highline’ vehicles. “These cars need to be immaculate so buyers can see their true potential as dealer inventory,” Chesko says. He remarks that only an automated wash system can process a high volume of cars quickly, and with consistent wash results.

“When I started with Manheim Ohio, we had a tunnel wash that was giving consistent results,” Chesko comments. He jokes “Unfortunately, they were consistently poor results.” Chesko notes “We simply

“We get paid to present cars in the best light. Our Belanger tunnels produce clean, shiny, dry cars with sparkling rims – reliably, with high throughput and a low cost per car.”

— Greg Chesko, Manheim Ohio

weren’t getting the finished product we needed – a clean, dry and shiny car.” He adds “Wash performance was spotty – and the cars were spotted. We knew there had to be a better system.”

That was when Manheim corporate suggested that Chesko make a trip to Detroit to see some Belanger tunnel washes in action. “Manheim was having good success with Belanger equipment at other sites, and suggested I see for myself,” he says. “In Detroit, I saw immediately that the Belanger tunnel was far superior. It was clearly well-built and smooth running – and the cars were coming out clean, every time.”

Chesko says he placed an order for two Belanger tunnels – and hasn’t looked back. “We have two 85-foot Belanger washes side-by-side,” he comments. “We needed a wash system that could reliably process up to 1,500 cars per day, and now we’ve got it.” Chesko adds “With our old wash, the cars needed prep and the equipment needed attention. Our Belanger tunnels only ask for more cars to wash.”

“Automating prep in the wash has been a huge part of our time and labor savings,” Chesko remarks. “The Titan Vehicle Prep System does a fantastic job of removing heavy soils with high-pressure reclaim water.” He goes on “This not only ‘sets the stage’ for really clean cars, it gets the rims looking their best, too – which is crucial for us with higher-end cars that feature intricate factory wheel designs.”

“We get paid to present cars in the best light,” Chesko says. “Our Belanger tunnels produce clean, shiny, dry cars with sparkling rims – reliably, with high throughput and a low cost per car.” He adds “We often wash vehicles on intake to assess their condition – then do a touch-up wash right before a sale. Our wash tunnels make it easy and affordable. That’s why we rely on Belanger in our daily operations.”

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