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Successes In Car Washing Belanger® Tunnel
Rancho Car Wash

Belanger® Tunnels Help Operator Put On a Good Show

Kuzmanic prepares to brave the wash tunnel!

Kirk tangles with a mitter; comes out cleaner!

TEMECULA, CA – As car washer Kirk Kuzmanic will tell you, it’s all about the show. “People want more than a clean car,” Kuzmanic says. “They want a ‘wow’ experience that results in a clean car.” Since 1988, he has wowed customers with full-service washing and detailing at Rancho Car Wash, adding Temecula Car Wash in 1991. “It’s simple,” he notes. “Folks want us to take the same pride in their cars that they do.”

At Kuzmanic’s washes, that pride shows everywhere – from the wash tunnel, to the detail bays, to the customer lobby. “We have a lobby display of all the wash media found in our tunnel,” Kuzmanic notes. “It’s accessible. If it touches your car in the tunnel, you can touch it in our lobby.” While the wash gets plenty of positive ‘word of mouth,’ he wants to take his message of gentle cleaning to a wider audience.

“We made a video of me riding through the wash on the hood of a car,” Kuzmanic says. “It’s a dramatic way to get people to talking – and to communicate our message.” He explains “Not only is it safe to touch the

“I enjoy the peace of mind and high uptime I get with Belanger equipment. I’m convinced that my customers appreciate smooth-running equipment, too.”

— Kirk Kuzmanic, Rancho Car Wash

material used in our wash; it’s safe to let it touch you.” According to Kuzmanic, the video on YouTube has already had hundreds of views, and he plans to use it in his television advertising, as well.

“Of course, I wouldn’t try this with just any tunnel,” Kuzmanic jokes. He says he installed new Belanger washes at both locations this year. At one, he replaced a Belanger wash that had given him over 18 years of service. At the other, he converted from hand washing to a new Belanger tunnel. “The old Belanger wash originally replaced a competitor’s equipment,” he says. “Choosing Belanger again was a no-brainer. Belanger equipment is just better built … it’s solid and stable, with zero ‘jiggle’ during operation.”

“It was easy to configure Kirk’s new tunnels, because he knows the equipment so well,” says Ken Kreutzer of Sierra AutoWash Sales & Service, the Belanger distributor who sold and installed Kuzmanic’s new washes. “I did suggest the QuickFire wraps, for their complete coverage and high throughput capability.” Kreuzter notes the QuickFire® is key to supporting full-service washing with minimal labor.

Kuzmanic agrees. “The QuickFire has made a noticeable difference in our tunnel,” he says. “We’re producing the same quality results in less time, and with less labor.” He adds “In fact, the whole package has been a great investment for us. We definitely see evolutionary improvements in the design and operation of the new Belanger equipment.”

The bottom line? “Well-designed, well-built car wash equipment is reassuring to operators and customers alike,” Kuzmanic says. “As a businessman, I enjoy the peace of mind and high uptime I get with Belanger equipment.” Kuzmanic adds “I’m convinced that my customers appreciate smooth-running equipment, too.” He laughs “I sure appreciated it when I rode through my new wash on the outside of the car.”

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