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Belanger® Tunnels
Manheim Detroit

Belanger® Tunnels Wash Over 1 Million Cars at Wholesale Auction

Cars line up for both Manheim Detroit wash tunnels

CARLETON, MI – When car dealers advertise “clean” used cars for sale, they mean cars that are late model, in good condition, and ... actually clean. “When dealers want clean used cars for their inventories, they rely on Manheim to supply them,” says Fred Montero of Manheim Detroit. His employer, Manheim, auctioned nearly 10 million used vehicles last year – equal to more than 25% of the U.S. used vehicle market.

“At Manheim Detroit, we wholesale vehicles from the Big Three, as well as the import manufacturers,” Montero says. “We also handle units from the major lease and finance companies. These are lease turn-ins, rental cars and other vehicles that lienholders need to liquidate.” He adds “Our consignors supply us with late model cars in good condition. They count on Manheim to prep, present and sell them swiftly.”

According to Montero, Manheim’s Detroit branch handles upwards of 120,000 vehicles annually. “To wash that many vehicles well and do it quickly, you need a tunnel – or in our case, two.” He remarks “We rely on two Belanger wash tunnels, side by side. At 85 feet long, each tunnel can process a high number of cars per hour.” He continues “Put together, they give us fantastic capacity to meet our peak demand.”

Montero says the company previously owned a competing brand of tunnel. “The old wash was very ‘Hands On,’ meaning our hands were constantly on it, to keep it running,” he jokes. As he comments, the need for frequent intervention negated much of the

“Our Belanger tunnels have washed over one million cars to date. Their low-maintenance design delivers lots of clean cars and high uptime. They’re exactly what we needed.”

— Fred Montero, Manheim Detroit

labor savings. “It’s a different story with our Belanger tunnels,” he says. “They deliver on the promise of automated washing with minimal labor expense.”

“Our Belanger tunnels have washed over one million cars to date,” Montero notes. “Their low-maintenance design delivers lots of clean cars and high uptime.” He adds “They’re exactly what we needed.” As Montero observes, the Belanger tunnels aren’t just well-designed systems – they’re comprised of well-made components that each make a significant contribution to the tunnels’ wash results.

“The Titan Vehicle Prep system starts every wash off right, with a high volume of water sweeping away heavy soils from the window ledge down,” Montero says. “Because the Titan uses its own included reclaim system, the impact on utility costs is minimal.” He continues “But its triple-cut spray pattern makes a big impact on dirt, eliminating manual prep and allowing us to run higher line speeds.”

Montero is also a fan of the Gyro Wrap™ side wheels. “Our Gyro Wraps gently hug the contour of each vehicle, effectively washing the front, sides and rear,” he says. “Combined with Belanger’s proven mitter designs, the Gyro Wrap provides the perfect one-two punch for getting our cars truly clean, even when we’re running 90 cars per hour through each tunnel.”

The bottom line? “We’re in the business of connecting institutional sellers with wholesale vehicle buyers,” Montero says. “To do that efficiently, we need a way to process vehicles that provides great results quickly.” He concludes “Our consignors trust us to find the right buyers for their vehicles, and get the right price for each. We trust Belanger to help us get those vehicles looking their best, every time.”

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