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Chameleon® Arches
Terrible Herbst

Chameleon® Arches, Belanger® Equipment a Winner for Vegas Operator

Pre-soak arch helps reinforce the Terrible's brand

Chameleon® arches sell extra services with vivid neon

LAS VEGAS, NV – Scott Horner of Terrible Herbst knows a good bet when he sees one. While folks know the Terrible’s name from gas stations, quick lubes, convenience stores and car washes, Horner’s job is to maximize returns for the company’s 26 wash tunnels. “At Terrible Herbst we like to back winners,” he says. “That means we invest in proven sites first, then replicate our successes at other promising locations.”

The company’s strong local brand helps it attract sizable wash volume, both for its full-service and exterior-only tunnels. “Our wash at Pecos and Wigwam in Henderson has always been a strong performer,” Horner notes. He adds that the exterior site washes 10,000 to 12,000 cars per month, thanks in part to a great location in Nevada’s second-largest city.

“The Chameleon arches give us a custom look, with the flexibility to build our brand and promote our extra services. They don’t just carry chemical; they carry our image, too.”

— Scott Horner, Terrible Herbst

Horner remarks that after 12 years of volume washing, the site was looking – and feeling – its age. “First we replaced a competitor’s conveyor with the DuraTrans XD,” he says. “The rugged construction and accessible design of the DuraTrans promises more uptime and a smoother experience for us and our customers alike.”

Conveyor issues resolved, Horner turned his attention to the tunnel’s arches. “We replaced a hodge-podge of competitor’s arches with Chameleon arches, end-to-end,” he observes. “The Chameleon arches give us a custom look, with the flexibility to build our brand and promote our extra services.” He adds “They don’t just carry chemical; they carry our image, too.”

According to Horner, the Chameleon® arches’ sleek lines opened up the bay, while their color and lighting options opened up many possibilities. “We appreciated the powder coating and neon color choices,” he recalls. “We chose black arches to reinforce our corporate black, with different neon colors for each service.”

Horner explains “Presoak is the ‘first impression’ arch, so we use the Terrible’s logo there with red neon to showcase our company colors.” He continues “We use blue neon and a Blue Coral logo for the sealant – and yellow neon with the Rain-X logo for the Rain-X arch.”

Other Belanger improvements to the site include new mitters, new Gyro Wraps™, a DuraShiner® tire shiner and a Pivoting Wheel Stinger®. “We’ve given a popular site a whole new look, and customers a whole new experience,” Horner says. “The DuraShiner's consistent tire shine results really help set our wash apart, and the Pivoting Wheel Stinger delivers a clean wheel without the costly manual prep.”

“It’s simple,” Horner says. “The Chameleon arches and other Belanger components helped us create an equipment package that reinforces our brand.” He concludes “We’re using this package at a brand-new site, too ... and for all future builds and remodels!”

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