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Superior Wash Center

Dual-Bay Saber® Reload Helps Drive 25% Revenue Increase at PA Site

Sabers are a great fit for site's dual-bay reload

FAIRLESS HILLS, PA – Since building Superior Wash Center 15 years ago, owner Pascal Houcke has made sure the site lives up to its name – delivering touchless automatic and self-serve washes that exceed expectations, at fair prices that keep folks coming back. “As part of that commitment, we have made improvements to the site several times, updating our offering to provide increased value,” he says.

Most recently, Houcke reloaded his two touchless automatic bays with Belanger Saber® wash systems, working with Belanger distributor Arcadian Services. “We’ve relied on Arcadian for over 10 years now for top-notch chemicals, service and other improvements at the site,” Houcke remarks. “It was natural for us to look to Arcadian for help with this two-bay reload – the most significant upgrade we’ve ever made.”

“Pascal has always been a pleasure to work with,” says Matt Stansell of Arcadian. “His dedication and customer focus means he always does what’s right for his patrons.” He continues “It was clear the original oval-track automatics needed to be replaced. They were creating unacceptable down time at the site, and their out-dated capabilities were limiting Pascal’s ability to compete with newer washes, dollar-for-dollar.”

Houcke agrees. “I saw the Saber at last year’s ICA Show, and it attracted my interest immediately,” he recalls. “I knew that the two-arm format would wash faster and offer a higher perceived value.” He adds “I also appreciated the LED navigation system that

“Our Sabers have been a super choice for our two-bay reload. Customers really respond to the lighted arms, open-bay feel and many new wash options. That’s a big reason site revenues are up 25 percent.”

— Pascal Houcke, Superior Wash Center

illuminates the wash arms with ‘RGB’ color-changing lights, and the many included ‘upsell’ items like dual presoaks, total surface protectant and triple foam.”

According to Houcke, these standard ‘extra service’ capabilities of the Saber have helped him successfully raise the price of his top package almost 50 percent – from $7 to $10 – while maintaining strong package sales. “In fact, sales of our top package have increased, along with our across-the-board sales growth,” he says. “It really goes to show that people want value, and they’re willing to pay for it.”

“Our Sabers have been a super choice for our two-bay reload,” Houcke comments. “Customers really respond to the lighted arms, open-bay feel and many new wash options.” He goes on “That’s a big reason site revenues are up 25 percent.” As Houcke observes, the two Saber® wash systems aren’t just a great fit for his business – they’re a good fit in his wash bays, too.

“Because our automatic bays were built around the original ‘oval track’ equipment, they’re lower and shorter than many bays being built today,” Houcke remarks. “We’re working with ceilings as low as 10 feet, and bays just 24 feet long – which restricts our equipment choices.” He continues “So Belanger and Arcadian put together a Saber installation that works for our bays – and we’re very glad they did.”

Houcke says he’s always approached the site as a long-term investment. “We have customers who have been regulars for 5, 10 or 15 years,” he notes. “So we’re rewarding them with nicer facilities, and they’re rewarding us with more revenue, and great word-of-mouth.” He concludes “With Belanger equipment and Arcadian as our distributor, our automatic bays aren’t just superior, they’re superlative.

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