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DuraScrubber® / DuraShiner®
Regal Auto Wash

DuraScrubber® and DuraShiner® a ‘One-Two Punch’ for Dual-Service Conversion

Dave Richardson of Regal Auto Wash

HUDSON, WI — As Dave Richardson of Regal Auto Wash knows, clean wheels and shiny tires are important to all tunnel car wash customers — full service and exterior-only. So when Regal began offering express exterior washing at its Hudson location, this district manager sought a way to deliver sparkling rims and glossy black tires, cost-effectively and with minimal labor.

“We were always full service at Hudson, and we hand scrubbed tires, hand wiped rims, and hand dressed tires,” Richardson says. “We knew that had to change with our conversion to dual-service.” Richardson adds “We anticipated greater volume using less labor, so we needed to automate these time-intensive services to improve throughput while cutting manpower.”

“Dave needed to deliver a top-notch wheel and tire, but couldn’t spend five minutes a car doing it,” says distributor Barry Balzer of Belanger of Minnesota. “My partner Jeff Peterson and I recommended Belanger’s DuraScrubber wheel cleaner and DuraShiner tire shiner as the perfect one-two punch.” Balzer notes that this pair exemplify Belanger's value proposition of maximizing wash bay Profit-Per-Foot℠.

“Jeff assured me the DuraScrubber and DuraShiner would perform exactly as we needed,” Richardson notes. “I’ve always believed in Belanger equipment, and always had a strong business relationship with

“Used together, the DuraScrubber and DuraShiner not only put out the best wheel and tire possible, they give your wash a profitable competitive edge.”

— Dave Richardson, Regal Auto Wash

Barry and Jeff,” Richardson adds, “so I bought both pieces sight unseen.” Richardson says “I’m very glad I did, as the performance of the DuraScrubber and DuraShiner have each exceeded our expectations.”

According to Richardson, the DuraScrubber® and DuraShiner® have both seen plenty of use, and the popularity of Regal’s top wash package shows their effectiveness. “The scrubber and shiner really do work hand-in-hand,” Richardson notes. “Simply put, it’s best to shine a clean tire, and the DuraScrubber gives the DuraShiner the cleanest tire to shine.”

As Richardson is quick to add, the DuraScrubber® is not just a tire brush. “It’s a true wheel cleaner,” Richardson says “and its bi-level brush scrubs tires and rims equally well.” Richardson observes “I’ve used online tire brushes before, and I’d never choose anything but the DuraScrubber again. The advantage of effectively cleaning the rim and tire in a single operation is too powerful to pass up.”

As well, Richardson says the DuraShiner® does more than save time shining tires — it delivers a superior shine versus hand-shining tires. “The DuraShiner shines tires better than any employee, as well as being faster and more economical,” Richardson adds, “It also eliminates slippery floors and disappearing chemical. Now the bay’s safer to walk in, and our tire dressing doesn’t walk off the premises.”

Richardson says “For operators considering the shiner, I would say get it; it will drive additional revenue and increase your profitability. But, I would say look at the scrubber, too ... your wash needs it and your customers deserve it.” He concludes “Used together, the DuraScrubber and DuraShiner not only put out the best wheel and tire possible, they give your wash a profitable competitive edge.”

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