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Cypress Station Car Wash

DuraScrubber® Helps Dual-Serve Operator ‘Up The Ante’ At Two Locations

The DuraScrubber® plays a key role at both washes

HOUSTON, TX – As a dual-serve car wash operator with two locations, Ahmed Jafferally knows the importance of clean wheels to his customers – both full-service and exterior-only. “It’s no accident that folks say ‘my wheels’ when they mean ‘my car’,” Jafferally says. “In the customer’s mind, the two are synonymous. To clean a car, you must clean the wheels, and do it well.”

At both Cypress Station Car Wash locations, Jafferally’s approach to wheel cleaning has always been a multiple-step process. Traditionally, his washes have cleaned every wheel with a combination of Chemical Tire Applicators (CTAs), high-pressure wheel blasters and Low Side Wraps (LSWs).

While exterior-only customers received only this combination, employees brought full-service cars around the side of the building and hand-scrubbed any rims needing further attention. “It was the most labor-intensive part of our wash process,” Jafferally observes. “But we felt it was necessary to provide a quality full-service wash, so we accepted the labor requirement and gladly did the work.”

Still, the recent economic downturn led Jafferally to seek a better way. “I saw competitors cutting labor, cutting chemical, and cutting service without cutting their prices,” Jaferally observes. “I felt we could ‘up the ante’ by providing more service and more quality than ever. I knew that if our competitors’ customers got dissatisfied and tried us, we had an opportunity to win their business for good.”

As part of his effort to allocate labor wisely, Jafferally decided to try automating wheel scrubbing. “After

“The DuraScrubber cleans wheels as well as hand scrubbing, and is more consistent than any employee. It saves us two to three minutes per full-service car.”

— Ahmed Jafferally, Cypress Station Car Wash

scrubbing wheels by hand for a long time, we decided to look for a better way,” Jafferally says. While searching for the best solution, Jafferally found Belanger’s DuraScrubber® automatic tire scrubber at the 2009 ICA Show.

“Ahmed was intrigued by the DuraScrubber from the start,” says Belanger distributor Ray Coselli of Auto Clean, Inc. “He’s got two tunnels full of Belanger equipment, so he trusts the Belanger name,” Coselli adds. “He also liked the deep cleaning benefits of the bi-level bristle design, and the low footprint requirements that gave him an easy way to retrofit the DuraScrubber into his tunnels.”

“The DuraScrubber cleans wheels as well as hand scrubbing,” Jafferally notes, “and is more consistent than any employee.” Jafferally says that the DuraScrubber® has other benefits, as well, which exemplify Belanger’s value proposition of helping operators maximize Profit-Per-Foot℠. “It saves us two to three minutes per full-service car, which does wonders for controlling labor costs and improving throughput.” Jafferally adds “Time really is money, in full-service washing more than most other businesses.”

Of course, automating his wheel scrubbing has benefitted more than Jafferally’s full-service customers. “Now our express customers get a thoroughly scrubbed wheel with every wash,” Jafferally says, “and they get it in no extra time.” Jafferally notes “DuraScrubber has given us a real competitive advantage, improving our operations and giving more value to every Cypress Station customer.”

For further proof, Jafferally points to his third location, now in the works. “It will be a full Belanger tunnel, with the latest equipment,” Jafferally says. “While it will incorporate Belanger’s newest technology when we break ground, one thing will remain the same,” Jafferally concludes. “It will definitely have a DuraScrubber.”

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