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Successes In Car Washing
DuraShiner® CV / QuickFire®
Auto Spa

DuraShiner® and QuickFire® Help Canada’s Longest Tunnel Thrive

DuraShiner® CV drives tire shine sales to 30% of cars

QuickFire® cleans vehicle backs better, reduces prep

BURLINGTON, ON – It comes as no surprise that Canada’s biggest car wash also strives to be its best. “Auto Spa features a 256-foot wash tunnel for one reason … so we can produce the cleanest car possible,” says General Manager Fred Misheal. “In that space, we’re using three times the equipment of the average tunnel wash.” He adds “Our customers see and appreciate that investment on every visit.”

Of course, Auto Spa has the work force to match – nearly 50 employees who support the site’s exterior and full-service washing, detailing and lube center. “Caring for the customer is a team effort at Auto Spa,” Fred notes. He says that he brought in Mondo Products for chemical and service because Mondo shares that commitment. “I had high confidence in Mondo, based on my past experience,” he remarks.

“We were thrilled to be working with Fred, and honored to be an Auto Spa vendor,” says Brad Goetz of

“Our DuraShiner delivers amazing margins – driving sales to 30 percent of cars with very low chemical use. And folks enjoy how the QuickFire follows the car as it cleans. We love the results and the reduced prep, too.”

— Fred Misheal, Auto Spa

Belanger distributor Mondo Products. “Of course we put together a chemical and service package perfectly suited to this unique tunnel.” He continues “At the same time, we saw a real opportunity to improve Auto Spa’s operations with select Belanger equipment pieces, starting with the DuraShiner CV.”

“When I started in 2007, the wash had a flat-pad style automatic tire shiner that was already broken, even though it was under two years old,” Fred remembers. “When Brad suggested the DuraShiner, it made a lot of sense.” He goes on, “The site was built with a tire shiner – the original unit just didn’t hold up. So we added the DuraShiner, and we’re very glad we did. We owed it to ourselves and our customers.”

Since then, Auto Spa has also replaced one of its original wraps with a Belanger QuickFire®. “I have to say that the QuickFire handily outperforms the locally-made wrap it replaced,” Fred notes. “It’s simple to configure and sophisticated in its cleaning action.” He adds “It does a much better job on vehicle backs, which reduces prep time.” He says this is important on busy days, with up to 32 cars in line.

According to Fred, those customers line up for Auto Spa quality – and the new Belanger equipment is helping the wash deliver on those expectations. “Our DuraShiner delivers amazing margins – driving sales to 30 percent of cars with very low chemical use,” he observes. “And folks enjoy how the QuickFire follows each car as it cleans.” He continues “We love the results and reduced prep, too.”

What’s more, Auto Spa recently added more Belanger equipment – several Chameleon rinse arches, with another planned for total surface protectant. “We love the streamlined look of the arches and the appealing LED lights,” Fred says. “And with the QuickFire and arches both, we chose blue and yellow to promote the Auto Spa brand.” He concludes “I see a lengthy future for Belanger in our long tunnel.”

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