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Successes In Car Washing
DuraShiner® CV
Waterworks Automobile Wash

DuraShiner® CV Drives Tire Shine Sales to 2/3 of Wash's Full-Serve Customers

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Waterworks Automobile Wash is known for delivering a ‘fearless finish’ to its customers. So it’s no surprise that Waterworks puts a strong emphasis on the finishing touches that set its service apart – including automatic tire shining, streak-free glass and mirror cleaning, and comprehensive interior vacuuming.

“Customers expect a clean car when they go to the car wash,” says Mike Sobie of Waterworks. “When we exceed their expectations with services that go above and beyond the wash, we earn their loyalty and repeat business.” Sobie adds “Of course full-service and detail customers have always appreciated the earnest attention we give their interiors. But today everyone, including express customers, loves shiny black tires.”

As Sobie observes, shiny tires complete the wash experience for many customers. “It’s the one service almost everyone will pay extra for,” he comments. Recognizing this, Waterworks has tried many different methods of shining tires over the years, from hand-applied to several types of automatic tire shiners. The wash now relies on two Belanger DuraShiner® CV tire shiners, one in each of its tunnels.

According to Sobie, hand-shining tires at his wash wasted chemical and delivered spotty results. “Employees usually have a ‘more is better’ mentality with regard to tire shine, so they apply too much,” he comments. “The excess tire dressing ends up on the floor, or slings onto the sides of the vehicles as they

DuraShiner really does shine Rim-To-Tread, eliminates overspray, and uses much less chemical. Now, two-thirds of full-serve customers buy tire shine – those are real results.”

— Mike Sobie, Waterworks Automobile Wash

exit.” Sobie continues, “Hand shining tires generates some revenue, but also creates a lot of problems.”

To remedy the situation, Sobie first tried a competitor’s tire shine machine. “This unit relied on a lot of cloth ‘fingers’ trying to provide adequate coverage of the sidewall,” he notes. “Unfortunately, those fingers wick a lot of tire dressing, so chemical use is high.” Sobie goes on “And the ‘fingers’ fling dressing when they flip into position, so the problem with sling is nearly as bad as it is with hand-applied tire shine.”

When Belanger introduced the DuraShiner, I knew it was perfect for Mike’s wash,” says Keith Burt of Belanger distributor O.W. Larson, who sold and installed the tire shiners. “The dense foam applicator rollers perfectly contour the tire sidewall for ‘better than hand applied’ results.” Burt continues “And the ChemCycle rotation ensures the chemical stays in the applicator rollers, and off the floor and bay walls.”

On Burt’s recommendation, Sobie installed his DuraShiners. “It’s the best-performing tire shiner I’ve ever seen,” Sobie says. “Our two DuraShiners beat hand applied tire shine, and a competing tire shiner, hands down,” he notes. “DuraShiner really does shine Rim-To-Tread, eliminates overspray, and uses much less chemical.” He adds “Now, two-thirds of full-serve customers buy tire shine – those are real results.”

Sobie says the DuraShiner® CV is good for business on three fronts – it provides superior results, drives incremental sales, and reduces expenses. “Smart operators should put labor where it’s absolutely needed,” he notes. “And tire shining does not need labor.” He jokes “I’ll save labor for vacuuming until someone invents a vacuuming robot. And when that happens, I’m sure Belanger will be the one to do it.”

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