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DuraShiner® CV
Super Sonic Express Wash

DuraShiner® CV Is New Tire Shiner of Choice for Multi-State Operator

The chain uses four DuraShiner® CVs, plans two more

LAGRANGE, GA – As a successful multi-state express operator, David Monk of Super Sonic Express Wash knows his customers need a clean car, quickly and affordably – and they want shiny black tires that elevate their newly-washed cars to the next level. “With express washing, you build volume with value pricing and a great clean every time,” he says. “You build margin with ‘wow factor’ add-ons like tire shine.”

Like most express washes, Monk’s sites are designed to keep labor expenses low – which makes a low-priced base wash possible, speeds processing, and ensures consistent wash results. “We’ve offered automatic tire shining for years,” Monk says. “We started with the old style ‘flat-pad’ tire shiners, because that’s all there was.” He adds “Those shiners had their issues, but we learned to live with them ... until now.”

For the last 18 months, Monk has steadily replaced those units with Belanger DuraShiner® CV tire shiners. He explains that the ‘flat pad’ shiner wastes a lot of tire dressing, allowing it to drip onto the floor. “Gravity is constantly working against the old-style shiner, pulling chemical out of the pads,” he notes. “We were seeing chemical costs of 60 or 70 cents per car – basically paying a lot to shine the floor!”

According to Monk, the DuraShiner® CV delivers on the promise of automatic tire shining – conserving expensive chemical while producing a superior shine. “Our DuraShiners save us 40 to 50 cents per car, by keeping chemical in the rotating applicators – and off the floor,” he remarks. “They literally ‘roll’ the dressing

“Our DuraShiners save us 40 to 50 cents per car, by keeping chemical in the rotating applicators – and off the floor. They literally ‘roll’ the dressing on for ‘rim-to-tread’ shine. We’re sold – and so our are customers!”

— David Monk, Super Sonic Express Wash

on for ‘rim-to-tread’ shine. We’re sold – and so our are customers!”

Monk says that in addition to the chemical savings, the DuraShiner’s performance has helped increase his average ticket by 20 cents per car – further boosting profitability. “Tire shine has always been popular at Super Sonic Express,” he notes. “The DuraShiner has kicked it up a notch. We’ve increased customer satisfaction, eliminated manual tire shine ‘touch-ups’ and enjoyed a rapid return on investment.”

In fact, the payback has been so rapid that Monk has bought four DuraShiner® CV tire shiners so far – and plans to buy at least two more. “We now have DuraShiners in three states – Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee,” he comments. “We have one more wash to convert, and we’ll be equipping a new site, too.” He goes on, “When we’re done, the DuraShiner will be our tire shining solution, at every Super Sonic Express.”

As Monk observes, the DuraShiner® CV does a better job on every tire, but the improvement is even more noticeable on the larger tires found on the trucks and SUVs many of his customers drive. “We see a bigger difference on bigger tires, that’s for sure,” he says. “The old flat-pad shiner couldn’t reach the whole sidewall – it just shined the bulge. The DuraShiner rolls across the sidewall for complete coverage.”

“There’s just no way I’ll buy another flat-pad shiner,” Monk remarks. “The DuraShiner is a much better fit for us.” He continues “We offer a quality $3 car wash that builds volume and customer loyalty. With the DuraShiner, we also offer a consistent, evenly-applied tire shine that drives extra service sales.” He adds “Over half our customers buy our top two packages. Now, they’re getting a top-shelf tire shine, too.”

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