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DuraShiner® CV
Bebo's Car Wash

DuraShiner® CV Tire Shiner Helps Bebo’s Beat Out The Competition

DuraShiner® CV shines large truck tires with ease

MOBILE, AL – Bebo’s Car Wash has thrived for 45 years by constantly doing one thing … getting better. “You could say we’ve always been in growth mode,” says Doug Klyce, son of founder Albert Sydney ‘Bebo’ Klyce III, and the chain’s current president. Klyce explains that Bebo’s has always embraced better ways of doing things, and the company has intensified its commitment to innovation under his leadership.

“We strongly believe that no employee should touch an express car after the wash,” Klyce says. “Just as there’s no reason to hand wash a car, there should be no reason to towel dry or apply tire dressing by hand.” He notes that while air drying has long since supplanted manual labor for superior drying, it’s only been recently that automatic tire shiners have eclipsed the results of hand-applied tire dressing.

“We always hand-shined our flex serve cars, but we started using automatic tire shiners nine or ten years ago on the express cars,” Klyce recalls. “Those shiners did an adequate job while reducing labor and increasing our throughput, but the quality was not as good as hand-applied.” He says Bebo’s initially used two types of tire shiners, one a ‘spray on’ type and the other a well-known design using ‘flat pad’ applicators.

“The spray-on shiner was never a satisfactory approach,” Klyce observes. “The chemical use is exorbitant, and there are obvious issues with overspray.” He remarks that the ‘flat pad’ shiner wasn’t much better. “The ‘flat pad’ shiner was prevalent in the industry, but I wouldn’t say it was popular,” he jokes. “The flat pads couldn’t conform to every sidewall, so

“The DuraShiner shines the whole sidewall, every time – even on big trucks and SUVs. It literally outshines the competition and even beats hand-applied! And at 29 cents a car, the low cost of use is the ‘icing on the cake!’”

— Doug Klyce, Bebo's Car Wash

application was often spotty.” He adds “What’s worse, dressing dripped onto the floor, wasting chemical and creating a slippery mess.”

Klyce says that after years of fiddling with the ‘flat pad’ shiner, he grew tired of fighting with the unit to achieve the results his customers deserved. “The manufacturer’s advice was always to adjust the application pressure, or try a different product, or apply a different amount of dressing,” he shares. “It seemed like you could never get the unit ‘dialed in’ to do a great job on every tire, every time.”

Earlier this year, Klyce heard about a new tire shiner that promised consistently great results – without the hassle. “Everyone was talking about Belanger’s DuraShiner,” he comments. “I even visited other operators who were using the DuraShiner, and I was impressed – both with the results I saw and the enthusiasm of the wash owners.” He continues “So I ordered one right away for our location in Mobile.”

According to Klyce, the quality improvement was obvious from day one. In fact, he now uses the DuraShiner® CV for every tire shine – and hand shining is a thing of the past. “The DuraShiner shines the whole sidewall, every time – even on big trucks and SUVs,” he says. “It literally outshines the competition and even beats hand-applied!” He adds, “And at 29 cents a car, the low cost of use is the ‘icing on the cake!’”

Compared to 72 cents per car with the ‘flat pad’ shiner, Klyce says the 60% cost savings is bankable – but the real return comes from the customers. “Our customers were commenting right away on how good their tires looked,” he notes. “That’s driving sales of our $9.95 package, and tire shine for $3 a la carte.” He concludes “More importantly, it’s helping drive customer loyalty – and you can’t put a price on that.

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