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Successes In Car Washing
Jim's BP Amoco

FreeStyler® a Perfect Fit for Service Station’s Bay – and Business

FreeStyler® makes Jim's wash bay a 'small wonder!'

MIDDLETON, WI – When Jim Lund bought what is now Jim’s BP Amoco, he got a service station with a long-standing emphasis on service. “To this day, we’re known for our four repair bays, full-service gas offering, and on-site car wash,” Lund says. “We have an established clientele that trusts us to care for their cars, whether it’s a fill-up, a tune-up or a wash up.”

Lund says the station came with a friction car wash when he purchased it – but the wash wasn’t on a par with the rest of the site. “It was your typical gas station rollover,” he notes. “As such, it gave us the typical issues one sees with those washes – frequent downtime and inconsistent wash results.” Lund jokes “It just wasn’t working for our business. Then it broke down completely, and it really wasn’t working for us.”

According to Lund, the wash is an important part of his business model – so it was a high priority to replace it with one better suited to his needs. “We sell car washes to gas customers and to those simply seeking a wash,” Lund comments. “But we also use the wash to support our service business.” He adds “We believe in delivering a clean car, so every service vehicle is washed once the work is complete.”

As Lund observes, the site’s customers were accustomed to the cleaning style of a friction machine – and he appreciated the lower chemical, water and energy use of friction cleaning compared to touchless. “We definitely wanted to go with another friction car wash,” he remarks. “The challenge was finding a better

"Our FreeStyler is a perfect fit! It installed perfectly in our smaller bay and far outperforms our old wash. Plus, its striking color scheme perfectly suits our BP identity!"

— Jim Lund, Jim's BP Amoco

friction machine that would fit in the limited bay space we have available.”

“Jim’s bay is smaller than average,” says Cal Stankey of Belanger distributor Quality Car Wash Supply, LLC. “It’s under 15 feet wide by 29 long.” But as Stankey points out, “We showed Jim a way to fit Belanger’s FreeStyler in this space.” He adds “Of course there are compromises in the installation, but the FreeStyler is flexibly engineered. It gives us a lot of latitude to make the wash work within a smaller envelope.”

“The FreeStyler washes everything our old wash did, and does it better,” Lund says. “And its overhead gantry design really opens up the bay, which is a big plus for us.” He remarks “If you want to make a smaller wash bay feel light, bright and airy, the FreeStyler is a great start.” He adds “The NeoTex Foam also runs noticeably quieter and gentler than our old brushes. Now it’s a true 'soft touch' car wash.”

Lund says he thought the site’s smaller bay would give him little ‘room to move’ when choosing a new wash. “But our FreeStyler is a perfect fit!" he notes. "It installed perfectly in our smaller bay and far outperforms our old wash," Lund comments. "Plus, its striking color scheme perfectly suits our BP identity! I call it my mean green cleaning machine!

“The FreeStyler didn’t just give us a choice – it gave us options,” Lund concludes. “In spite of a small bay, the FreeStyler gave us an inviting wash that delivers consistently clean cars.” He says “The NeoTex definitely feels like an upgrade – and I love that we weren’t just stuck with red and blue.” Lund adds, “With its custom green wash wheels, we were really able to make the FreeStyler our own. That’s worth a lot!

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