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Successes In Car Washing
Criswell Honda

FreeStyler® Elevates Service Experience at Award-Winning Honda Dealer

The FreeStyler® satisfies with fast, thorough cleaning

GERMANTOWN, MD – At Criswell Honda, ‘service’ means more than fixing customers’ cars. It means providing a better repair and maintenance experience than guests can find elsewhere. “Our customers don’t just want their cars fixed; they want them back in better shape,” says Service Director Tim Hardee. “That’s why we wash every vehicle we service, even if it’s simply receiving our $19.95 oil change special.”

Hardee notes that while the dealership has always used an automatic car wash, the original system – a hydraulic friction rollover – had reached its limit. “We just plain wore it out,” he remarks. “But even in its ‘prime,’ the system left something to be desired.” He adds “Once we made the decision to replace the wash, we saw an opportunity to upgrade – putting our wash bay in better shape than it started.”

Seeking a better-performing wash system, the dealership turned to Tighe Gillis of Belanger distributor Carwash Solutions. “We built a relationship with Tighe while he serviced our original wash,” Hardee recalls. “When he suggested the FreeStyler, we were definitely intrigued.” He continues “And when Tighe took us to see a FreeStyler he’d installed at another dealer, we were sold. It was the wash we were looking for.”

“I told Tim how the FreeStyler’s electric drive would give him much greater control over the machine and his product use,” Gillis remarks. “We also discussed how the Wheel Stinger would provide focused wheel and rocker panel cleaning his customers would

“Our FreeStyler provides the fast, thorough wash we need. Our customers love the cleaning results, including sparkling rims. We appreciate the reliable operation and low cost per car. It’s a winner.”

— Tim Hardee, Criswell Honda

appreciate.” He adds “Then I showed him a FreeStyler in daily operation at a local Mercedes dealer. In that context, the machine sells itself.”

Hardee agrees. “A courtesy wash should be a quick, top-quality offering,” he says. Our FreeStyler provides the fast, thorough wash we need.” He observes “Our customers love the cleaning results, including sparkling rims.” He continues “We appreciate the reliable operation and low cost per car. It’s a winner.”

According to Hardee, the FreeStyler® provides a strong foundation for the comprehensive cleaning the dealership offers every service customer. “Every customer gets a wash, and they’re very happy with the results,” he notes. “When the customer allows us the time, we also vacuum, do an interior wipedown and dress the tires. Now we can do the wash, plus these additional services, in as little as 8 minutes total.”

Hardee says the addition of the FreeStyler® exemplifies Criswell’s commitment to service excellence. “We’re dedicated to constantly improving our customers’ satisfaction,” he comments. Hardee says that dedication has earned the dealer Honda’s prestigious President’s Award, which recognizes the nation’s top 15 percent of dealers in Customer Treatment, Sales, Training and Facility Image.

“The FreeStyler gives us another way to serve every customer better,” Hardee says. “In addition to washing service vehicles, we rely on the FreeStyler to prep every sold vehicle before delivery.” He adds “All told, we’re washing well over 100 cars every day – the FreeStyler has proven itself 14,000 times over a five-month period.” He concludes “It isn’t just the wash we need. It’s the wash our customers deserve.”

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