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Successes In Car Washing FreeStyler®
Euro Motorcars Bethesda

FreeStyler® In-Bay Wash a Perfect Fit for High-End Car Dealer

BEFORE - The dealer's OLD hydraulic rollover ...

AFTER - The NEW FreeStyler® soft-touch in-bay!

BETHESDA, MD – As Steve Krasner of Euro Motorcars will tell you, the car has to fit the customer ... and the car wash has to fit the dealership. “At Euro Motorcars, we wash at least 150 cars a day,” Krasner says. “That’s everything from service vehicles, to rental cars, new car deliveries and lot inventory.” And as Krasner notes, space is limited in the wash bays.

“Due to zoning and the physical layout of the building, we have two fairly narrow bays,” Krasner observes. “We previously had two hydraulic rollover washes, but those ate up a considerable amount of floor space with their floor-mounted tracks.” Krasner adds that about three years ago, Euro Motorcars replaced one of those competitor’s machines with a Belanger FreeStyler® soft-touch in-bay wash.

“Our customers demand perfection, and our FreeStyler helps us deliver it.”

— Steve Krasner, Euro Motorcars Bethesda

“We developed a relationship with Euro Motorcars by servicing their existing machines,” recalls Sean Lane of Carwash Solutions, the Belanger distributor who sold and installed the FreeStyler®. “When it came time to replace the older unit, we recommended the FreeStyler as the best fit for their needs.”

Krasner agrees. “The FreeStyler’s overhead rail design makes it quicker and easier to enter and exit the wash,” Krasner says. He adds “The FreeStyler saves us a full minute per wash, which equals nearly three labor hours every day. That’s significant ... and it’s not the FreeStyler's only benefit.”

As he explains, the FreeStyler’s all-electric format brings advantages of its own. “We run reclaim, so any hydraulic leak can be costly and time consuming to fix,” Krasner says. “We had leaks with the old wash and switched to water-based fluid, but it was still an issue when the slimy fluid got onto vehicles.”

Because the FreeStyler® doesn’t rely on a noisy hydraulic pump, Krasner says it delivers another benefit, too ... quiet. “Now we appreciate the difference between the FreeStyler and our hydraulic wash.” Noting the homes 30 feet away, he laughs “Our neighbors sure appreciate the FreeStyler, too.”

While the FreeStyler’s quiet operation is befitting a high-end dealer like Euro Motorcars, wash results are of utmost importance. “We’re washing every type of Mercedes-Benz,” Krasner notes. “Our customers demand perfection, and our FreeStyler helps us deliver it.” He says “With the old wash, we mostly hand wash the car and machine rinse it. With the FreeStyler, the machine washes the car.”

According the Krasner, the real proof is in the numbers. “Our guys use the FreeStyler, 2-to-1,” he says. “It just works better.” Krasner adds “Now that we're replacing that second wash, we’re gladly choosing another FreeStyler.” He jokes “In fact, our first FreeStyler probably extended the life of our hydraulic wash ... by taking so much of its workload!”

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