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Successes In Car Washing
Williamson Cadillac

FreeStyler® Indispensable At #1 Cadillac Dealer In Southeastern U.S.

MIAMI, FL – At the #1 Cadillac dealer in the Southeastern U.S. (and often #1 in the nation), service is a priority. “Here at Williamson Cadillac, we sell about 180 new Cadillac, Buick and GMC vehicles per month,” says Juan Santos, the dealership’s service director. “We also service about 180 vehicles per day, including those we sell and many other makes.”

Santos says the dealership’s service business comes from loyal GM buyers, as well as other vehicle owners who have discovered the Williamson difference. “It’s not uncommon to see a BMW or Mercedes driver in for service,” Santos comments. “Those customers appreciate the level of attention they receive here, and feel they’re getting good value for their money.”

According to Santos, part of that value is the dealership’s commitment to return service vehicles sparkling clean. “Service is about extending the owner’s enjoyment of their vehicle,” he remarks. “So we give our service customers ‘ready to enjoy’ vehicles that are running well and freshly washed.” He adds “Just as we need the right tools to do quality service work, we need the right equipment to wash cars well and do it quickly.”

The service director says that the dealership first tried a friction rollover from an Italian manufacturer. “It was kind of like an Italian car,” he jokes. “Nice to look at but unreliable.” Santos notes “After seven years, we were experiencing frequent breakdowns. The down time was really affecting our ability to deliver clean cars to our

“After three years, our FreeStyler is reliably washing over 150 cars a day, including service vehicles, rental cars and vehicle deliveries. It’s an indispensable part of our value proposition.”

— Juan Santos, Williamson Cadillac

service customers.” He continues “And the parts were expensive, coming from Italy.”

Recognizing the need for a change, Santos was glad when his general manager recommended Belanger equipment. “Our GM had relied on a Belanger car wash at another Cadillac dealer for years,” Santos comments. “So he had firsthand experience, and suggested we consider Belanger.” After contacting the company directly, Santos was referred to Mike Kelch of Wash Plus, Inc., his local Belanger distributor.

“The EPA had previously specified the size and location of their wash bay, based on surface runoff and the drainage characteristics of the property,” Kelch says. “There was a 33 x 15 wash bay and it was already configured for a soft touch in-bay automatic.” Kelch adds “I knew Belanger’s FreeStyler would fit the bay, fit their needs, and deliver the trouble-free washing the dealership and its customers deserve.”

“Our FreeStyler far outperforms our old wash, in cleaning results, high uptime and low cost per wash,” Santos says. “After three years, our FreeStyler is reliably washing over 150 cars a day, including service vehicles, rental cars and vehicle deliveries.” He goes on “It’s an indispensable part of our value proposition.”

Santos says that last point is important. “Many dealers who install a wash think it’s only for service vehicles,” he observes. “I appreciate having a system we can depend on for all of our washing needs.” He adds “The FreeStyler’s soft-touch format delivers paint-safe performance we trust on our brand-new Cadillacs. It’s no wonder GM relies on Belanger to wash vehicles before they even leave the factory.”

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