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Successes In Car Washing
Hertz Appleton

FreeStyler® Pays for Itself in 10 Months at Nation's Oldest Hertz

FreeStyler® keeps 'em clean at Hertz Appleton

APPLETON, WI – As the oldest Hertz licensee in the nation, Hertz Appleton has an established reputation for excellence in the rental car business. “Our customers expect to drive clean, well-maintained, late model vehicles,” says president Brad Garvey. “And since 1952, that’s been our mission. Not just to have the car you want available – but to have it truly ready.”

Garvey says that anyone can stock late-model cars, but ensuring they’re clean and maintained is a matter of pride and diligence. “Your cars only stay as nice as you keep them,” he notes. “At Hertz Appleton, clean cars help us make our best first impression on every customer.” He adds “Besides, washing cars and maintaining them go hand in hand. You can’t maintain a car properly without keeping it clean.”

As a second-generation owner, Garvey has used multiple methods for washing rental cars, including hand washing and a friction roll-over wash. “Our current facility came with an old three-brush automatic when we bought it,” he remarks. “You could say it was a ‘Hands On’ car wash. It didn’t do a complete job on its own, and required careful vehicle prepping and hand drying to get the wash results we wanted.”

According to Garvey, that old wash kept getting older – while his business outgrew its capabilities. “It was taking five minutes to prep a car and remove bugs and road grime; five minutes to run it through the wash; and five minutes to hand dry,” Garvey observes. “With a fleet of two or three hundred cars to maintain, it was

“Our FreeStyler delivers a clean, dry car in under three minutes, with zero prep and no hand drying. Better still, the labor savings have paid for the machine in just 10 months!”

— Brad Garvey, Hertz Appleton

just taking too long.” He adds “I had to keep three people on staff for washing cars.”

Looking for a solution, Garvey turned to Steve Heideman, of Belanger distributor Oil Equipment Company. “We had relied on Steve for several years to keep our old wash going,” he says. “Even though it wasn’t a Belanger machine, Steve had come through for us, time and again.” Garvey continues “I was confident we could trust Steve to recommend the right wash for our operation.”

“I suggested Belanger’s FreeStyler as the best fit,” Heideman says. “It provides the friction wash Hertz Appleton needs, with faster cycle times, lower operating expenses and reduced maintenance requirements.” He notes “With its all-electric format, the FreeStyler gives them greater control over the machine, while the on-board AirBlade dryer ensures a dry car with every wash.”

“It’s a huge improvement over our old wash,” Garvey says. “Our FreeStyler delivers a clean, dry car in under three minutes, with zero prep and no hand drying.” He remarks “Better still, the labor savings have paid for the machine in just 10 months!” He adds “Even washing 18,000 cars a year, our FreeStyler requires just one employee to operate, and runs quiet and smooth, with total reliability. We’re thrilled with it.”

“Washing cars is an important part of our business, and our FreeStyler makes it easy,” Garvey says. “Its Neotex brushes power through grime, while cleaning with a light touch.” He observes “On top of that, it uses very little chemical – just six cents a car!” Garvey concludes “At that price, we wash everything in the FreeStyler – rentals, old stock we’re selling, even service vehicles. I just wish we’d gotten it sooner!”

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