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Successes In Car Washing FreeStyler®
Bay Wash

FreeStyler® Reinvigorates Family Car Wash for a New Generation

Bay Wash's FreeStyler® — bright, inviting and busy

MENA, AR — Today, Jess Montgomery is a big believer in Belanger’s FreeStyler® in-bay car wash. But the owner of Bay Wash Car Wash didn’t just get into the car wash business accidentally. He got into it reluctantly. “We purchased some property from a family member, which included an old self-service car wash,” Montgomery says, “primarily to use part of the property for my daughter-in-law’s insurance office.”

Initially, Montgomery planned to demolish the spray bays, and develop the ground into medical offices. “In the meantime, we decided to operate the car wash, since it was already there,” he observes. “It was terrible. Our bays were washing under 500 cars a month each at a low ticket average, which didn’t seem like a good use of the property.”

Although the former owner had lost enthusiasm for the wash, Montgomery began making cosmetic improvements to the site, with promising results. “We could see a definite uptick in wash volume that told us people appreciated a nicer looking location,” Montgomery says. “We were encouraged by the increase, and knew we had to move beyond the spray bays to really maximize the site's potential.”

Once Montgomery decided to really invest in the car wash, he looked for an in-bay automatic, knowing it would add volume and drive more revenue per car. “We started out considering touchless washes, because touchless is prevalent here,” he says. “But with so many choices, I felt I needed some guidance.”

At this point, Montgomery consulted Steve Evans of Evans Distributing, who he knew by reputation and mutual acquaintance. That’s when Evans had him try

“The FreeStyler is perfect for our wash, and our town. It delivers the clean of a soft touch tunnel in a compact size that fits our site.”

— Jess Montgomery, Bay Wash

a FreeStyler® in Fayetteville. “Jess was floored by how clean the FreeStyler got his car,” Evans says. “I told him, install one and capture the 50 percent of your market that prefers soft touch. Let the three touchless bays in town split the rest.”

According to Montgomery, the FreeStyler® and a comprehensive site ‘facelift' — including palm trees — have captured more business than he expected. “The increase has been astounding,” he says. “The FreeStyler pulls in a lot of cars — but volume is up in the self-serves as well.”

Montgomery says the FreeStyler® also delivers much higher revenue per car, observing “half our FreeStyler customers choose our top $10 wash.” He credits his FreeStyler’s high-pressure HydroBlade® option, triple foam application, and drying package. “The high pressure knocks off heavy soils,” Montgomery says, “so the top wheel and brushes can clean the vehicle most effectively.”

This ability to remove caked on mud and grime is complemented by his FreeStyler’s dually truck-compatible treadle, Montgomery says. “Combined, the two features have allowed us to capture much of the area’s truck business,” he notes, adding that this niche has helped his site wash thousands of vehicles per month — impressive in a town of 5,600 people, and just seven square miles in size.

“The FreeStyler is perfect for our wash, and our town,” Montgomery says. “It delivers the clean of a soft touch tunnel in a compact size that fits our site.” He observes, “Its fast throughput is just right for our wash volume.” He adds “And folks who prefer touchless washing can use our spray bays. We’ve built a great business and still have room to grow.”

Montgomery says “We didn’t set out to wash cars, but now we love the business." He concludes, “If you have the right location, you just need the right look and right equipment. If you bring people in, and deliver a great clean, they’ll keep coming back. Word of mouth and repeat business will do the rest!”

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