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Successes In Car Washing FreeStyler®
Parkway Service BP

FreeStyler® Replaces Competitor; Grows BP Station’s Business

Parkway Service BP's FreeStyler® bay

PITTSBURGH, PA – When Tony Mazzarini of Parkway Service BP in Pittsburgh wanted to replace his gas station’s old in-bay automatic, his Belanger distributor knew what machine fit the bill: the FreeStyler® soft-touch in-bay wash.

“Initially, the main issue Tony had with his old machine was lack of local service availability,” says Vic Monteleone of Car Wash Technologies. “The nearest tech was in Ohio, necessitating a substantial charge for each service call.” Mazzarini says “Vic and the guys at Car Wash Technologies have taken great care of us. They did a professional installation of our FreeStyler, and it’s great knowing they’re local to us for any maintenance needs we have.”

Although the old wash was still a functioning machine, Mazzarini feels he made the right business decision replacing it with the FreeStyler®. “The FreeStyler has definitely taken our wash to a new level in the eyes of our customers,” Mazzarini says.

Monteleone shares that view, noting that his customer gained more than local service support with his new FreeStyler®. “The wash Tony had was a pretty basic unit,” Monteleone observes. “It applied only detergent, drying agent and a wax, which reduced upsell opportunities and limited the wash’s ticket average.”

“With the FreeStyler, we were able to add the HydroBlade high-pressure option, a Whisper Wheel

"Within two months of replacing the old wash, the FreeStyler had earned its place at Parkway. It’s a keeper."

— Tony Mazzarini, Parkway Service BP

top wheel, Triple Foam applicator and a total surface protectant offering,” Mazzarini adds. “These not only gave us an array of competitive advantages; they increased our average sale by more than 45 percent.”

“The unit we took out is known as your basic gas station wash,” Monteleone says. “And the FreeStyler was generating more excitement and interest among Tony’s customers before it even opened.” Monteleone adds that “While we were installing the FreeStyler, Tony had customers asking constantly when the new wash would be open. They really noticed the FreeStyler, and were eager to try it.”

Mazzarini agrees. “The FreeStyler definitely gave us the look we were going for.” Mazzarini notes that in addition to the FreeStyler’s open, inviting feel and appealing on-board extra services, the machine provided just the right branding options for his location. “We were able to customize the machine all in BP colors so it really became part of our site’s identity. It’s really sharp and brings an extra level of class to our wash bay,” adds Mazzarini.

According to Monteleone, his customer gained more than higher ticket averages and great new looks, he added capacity as well. “In addition to the on-board extra services, we added stand-alone dryers to Tony’s FreeStyler incorporating the AirBlade and AirCannons,” Monteleone notes. “This gives Tony’s wash the throughput to wash more cars per hour, in addition to making more on each car.”

Mazzarini notes that the FreeStyler® brings adantages beyond being a more profitable wash. “It’s been a popular addition to our site,” Mazzarini adds. “Instead of simply capturing traffic from the lot, the FreeStyler is pulling cars off the street, that buy gasoline and other merchandise.” Mazzarini concludes, “Within two months of replacing the old wash, the FreeStyler had earned its place at Parkway. It’s a keeper.”

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