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Successes In Car Washing
Honda of Danbury

Insta-KLEEN™ an Investment in Customer Satisfaction for Honda Dealer

The wash features the Titan VPS™ prep system

The dealer's insta-KLEEN™ satisfies another customer

DANBURY, CT – At Honda of Danbury, customer satisfaction begins with vehicles people love ... and continues with service that delights them. “Our customers are intensely loyal to Honda, and to our dealership,” says service manager Jay Whitlock. “Our business is built around the lifetime value of the customer.” He adds “Our job isn’t just to get folks in the door; it’s to keep them coming back.”

Whitlock says that last year, the dealership made a significant investment in customer satisfaction. “We installed a Belanger insta-KLEEN car wash,” he notes. “Not only did we equip the wash to meet our needs perfectly, we built the bay to fit our business and our lot.” He quips “Now we don’t just have a car wash; we have the car wash our customers want and deserve.”

According to Whitlock, the wash has been welcomed by customers and employees alike. “We had no car wash before, and were acutely aware we needed it,” he says. “If a customer asked for a wash, we gave them a

“Our insta-KLEEN washes a car in under a minute, for less than 50 cents. We wash up to 150 cars a day with great results. In nine months of use, we've had zero downtime.”

— Jay Whitlock, Honda of Danbury

token for a wash down the road,” he explains. “But we didn’t routinely offer it.” He notes “Washing service cars is about ensuring customer satisfaction, and sending folks to a car wash a mile away wasn't very satisfying for them.”

The service manager remarks that Honda of Danbury made a conscious decision to go ‘all out’ with the install. “We see this as a permanent improvement in how we do business,” Whitlock says. “So we tiled the whole bay and invested in a fiberglass roof system.” He continues “We also equipped our insta-KLEEN for stellar results, with the Titan VPS prep system, MixStir tanks with spray guns, and low side washers.”

As Whitlock observes, the dealer quickly realized the insta-KLEEN™ was more useful than anticipated. “We knew it would be invaluable for washing cars after service work, and for prepping vehicle deliveries,” he explains. “But we discovered it’s also valuable for prepping cars before we service them. By removing dirt and snow first, it’s easier for our techs to do good work quickly. This saves time and money.”

Indeed, Whitlock says the insta-KLEEN’s fast throughput and economical operation means that washing cars twice – before and after service – is no problem. “Our insta-KLEEN delivers a clean car in under a minute, for less than 50 cents,” he says. “We wash up to 150 cars a day with great results.” He adds “In nine months of use, we've had zero downtime. That’s truly remarkable.”

While he appreciates the operational benefits of the insta-KLEEN™, Whitlock says the real payoff is in customers’ reactions. “Service means you fix the car, but it also means you serve the customer,” he notes. “Giving customers clean, road-ready cars is guaranteed to build their satisfaction.” He adds “Unlike sending folks to a local wash, this is more than a ‘token’ gesture. It’s a real wash, right here, right now.”

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