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Village Ford

insta‑KLEEN™ Helps Dealer Close to Ford HQ Set Example

insta‑KLEEN™: Village Ford's cleaning 'edge'

DEARBORN, MI – When your dealership is down the street from the manufacturer, you hold your store to the highest standard. “As the largest Ford dealer in Dearborn, we feel compelled to provide top-notch representation for the brand,” says James Cosgro, service manager at Village Ford. “That means offering the best sales and service experience, and delivering a clean car to every customer, every time.”

Cosgro says that giving every sales and service customer a clean car used to be a challenge. “Two years ago, we had your typical car dealer wash,” he says, “and we had the typical issues dealers face with those units ... poor wash quality and frequent downtime.” He notes that the dealer had stopped using the wash, except for rental cars. “We were outsourcing vehicle deliveries to a local car wash,” he says.

The situation left the dealer without the ability to wash service vehicles ... and relying on a third party to wash every vehicle it sold. “It was like we didn’t have a car wash,” Cosgro observes. “I knew we needed a better solution, to wash every customer’s vehicle in-house.” He adds “Every car buyer expects to take delivery of a clean car, and every service customer deserves to do so. It was time for a new car wash.”

To find the right machine, Cosgro toured more than 20 other dealerships. “I saw a lot of the same wash we had, and the same frustrations,” he says. “I also saw many other units, but the wash that really intrigued me was Belanger’s insta‑KLEEN.” Cosgro goes on to say,

“Because the insta‑KLEEN washes 60 cars per hour, it minimizes our car wash labor expense. We’re getting a clean car for less than 50 cents. Better yet, we’re able to quickly wash every car we sell and service.”

— James Cosgro, Village Ford

“Dealers who had the insta‑KLEEN spoke highly of its performance and longevity. I could see for myself the machine was rugged, well-built and fast.”

Cosgro recommended the insta‑KLEEN™ to his employer, and hasn’t looked back. “We got the quality wash performance and reliable operation we needed,” he says, “and the speed has been a big plus.” He adds “We’re washing 120 service vehicles a day. When the rush hits, our insta‑KLEEN gives us a clean car every minute. That’s much faster than our old rollover, and definitely faster than washing elsewhere.”

As Cosgro observes, the wash’s high throughput delivers an extremely low cost per car. “Because the insta‑KLEEN washes 60 cars per hour, it minimizes our car wash labor expense,” he says. “We’re getting a clean car for less than 50 cents.” He notes “Better yet, we’re able to quickly wash every car we sell and service. That’s a huge benefit for everyone.”

In fact, Cosgro feels the insta‑KLEEN™ is an integral part of the dealer’s value offering. “With the insta‑KLEEN, clean cars are a given,” he says. “And while it’s extremely affordable to operate, what matters most isn’t the cost. It’s the wash quality and the speed.” He adds “The question isn’t whether we can afford to have an insta‑KLEEN. The question is, can we afford not to have it?”

Looking back on his research at other dealers, Cosgro says he’s reminded that the insta‑KLEEN is a superior car wash solution. “I remember what a struggle our old wash was, and I saw the same issues at many other dealers,” he remarks. “When I think of our competitors trying to wash cars without an insta‑KLEEN, I almost feel sorry for them,” he jokes. “Almost.”

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