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Successes In Car Washing
Glovis (Kia Motors)

insta‑KLEEN™ Helps Ensure Quality Control at Auto Maker

insta‑KLEEN™ in action at the Glovis site in Georgia

WEST POINT, GA – Building cars requires both big-picture thinking and attention to detail. At Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG), that attention to detail doesn’t stop once the cars are assembled – it continues at Glovis, the on-site subsidiary that fuels, accessorizes and washes each vehicle as needed.

“At Glovis, we turn completed vehicles into finished products,” explains Port Manager Charles Waller. “We first ensure the inspectability of each vehicle, then get them dealership-ready.” He says that clean vehicles are easier to inspect, so Glovis washes every vehicle that requires cleaning before final quality audits.

“We rely on Belanger’s insta‑KLEEN to process our vehicles quickly and reliably,” Waller notes. “As the name implies, our insta‑KLEEN delivers clean vehicles, almost instantly.” He explains “We routinely wash 70 cars an hour with great results. The equipment runs trouble-free, and we get a highly inspectable finish with zero rewashes.”

According to Waller, the Kia plant is new – but the company’s reliance on Belanger’s insta‑KLEEN™ is not. “We’ve used the insta‑KLEEN for years at our Hyundai facility in Alabama,” Waller remarks. “We knew from experience the insta‑KLEEN would provide the cleaning power and throughput we need.”

Waller adds that while ongoing site construction has left some vehicles dirtier than normal, the insta‑KLEEN™ washes them all, without missing a

“Our insta‑KLEEN delivers clean vehicles, almost instantly. We routinely wash 70 cars an hour with great results. The equipment runs trouble-free, and we get a highly inspectable finish with zero rewashes.”

— Charles Waller, Glovis

beat. “It’s really a remarkable machine,” he observes. “We’ve been building dealer-destined vehicles in West Point for just two months, and our insta‑KLEEN has already proven itself many times.”

Of course, part of building the facility was installing the car wash. Waller says the process gave him a real appreciation for Belanger as a company, as well as for the wash equipment. “Belanger showed a lot of patience working with our general contractor to prepare the site,” he observes. “It was reassuring to me to see that level of commitment from our car wash supplier before the machine was even operational.”

Waller says the real beauty of the insta‑KLEEN™ isn’t how well it washes cars; it’s how well it allows his people to wash cars. “We’re not in the car wash business,” Waller says, “but every day, we must make it our business to wash these cars, and get them clean.” He adds “The insta‑KLEEN is simple. With a minimum of training, anyone can use it – and get the same great results, in under a minute per vehicle.”

As Waller observes, the insta‑KLEEN™ isn’t just easy to use; it’s easy to live with, too. “The wash’s compact size was easy to integrate into our operations,” he notes. “And its robust construction and minimal maintenance needs mean we can spend time processing vehicles, not working on our car wash.”

“What we do here is very specialized,” Waller says. “But car washing is car washing – and the insta‑KLEEN is perfect for anyone who needs to wash a lot of vehicles, quickly and with no fuss.” He concludes “I can see this being a perfect machine for car dealers, too. If our dealers asked me, I’d gladly recommend the insta‑KLEEN for their pre-delivery and service vehicle washing needs.”

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