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Successes In Car Washing
JM Lexus

insta‑KLEEN™ Helps Service Shine at World’s Largest Lexus Dealer

Two of the dealer's four insta‑KLEEN™ bays in action

MARGATE, FL – At the world’s largest Lexus dealer, the service department has big shoes to fill – its own. “People come to JM Lexus for the best service available anywhere,” says Luis Garcia of the dealership. “Folks know we sell and service more Lexus vehicles than any other dealer,” he notes. “They choose JM because they want the finest Lexus experience. It’s our job to deliver that experience, from start to finish.”

According to Garcia, JM Lexus service starts with exemplary planning, and ends with a perfectly serviced vehicle, returned to the customer on-time and sparkling clean. “Multiply that times 200 or 300 cars a day, and you have an idea what our operation is like,” Garcia jokes. He explains that service is divided into two floors – ‘express service’ and the ‘main shop’– while a multi-bay car wash serves them both.

“Since 2005, we’ve used four Belanger insta‑KLEEN bays to wash every vehicle we service,” Garcia remarks. “While just one insta‑KLEEN would provide drive-thru convenience and quick cleaning, having four machines enables us to organize our car wash to reflect our service commitments.” He adds “Two wash bays are for vehicles that have been left with us, and two are reserved for owners who are waiting.”

Garcia says one key benefit of the insta‑KLEEN™ washes is that they don’t keep customers waiting long. “Each insta‑KLEEN can produce a clean car every 60 seconds,” he notes. “So when you’re running four machines, you can achieve nearly instantaneous

"Car washing is not our core business – serving customers is. I prefer not to give the car wash a second thought ... and with the insta‑KLEEN, I don’t have to."

— Luis Garcia, JM Lexus

vehicle processing.” Garcia continues “The insta‑KLEEN really lives up to its name. Pretty much as soon as a wash is desired, it’s done.”

The Express Service Manager observes that the insta‑KLEEN’s speed does more than please customers – it also helps reduce expenses. “The insta‑KLEEN is much faster than hand washing or using a rollover-style wash,” he says. “This enables us to wash every service vehicle with a minimal labor cost.” He adds “Better yet, anyone can use it. If they can drive the car, they can wash it.”

Garcia remarks that while the dealership’s insta‑KLEENs easily handle high wash volumes, they don’t require many wash cycles to deliver a rapid return on investment. “The insta‑KLEEN is configured to provide efficient, thorough cleaning and do it quickly,” he says. “Its soft-touch wash format and compact size means it uses very little chemical – giving us 10,000 to 12,000 clean cars with just one barrel of soap.”

“At JM Lexus, our service offering is driven by the customer,” Garcia explains. “Express customers are here for oil changes and light maintenance, so we don’t keep them waiting – for service or the wash.” He adds “We value the insta‑KLEEN because it always works. In this case, we’re the customer, and the insta‑KLEEN is designed around our needs.”

As Garcia observes, “Car washing is not our core business – serving customers is. I prefer not to give the car wash a second thought ... and with the insta‑KLEEN, I don’t have to.” He concludes “We promise our work will be correct, our job completion punctual, and the car clean and shiny. Our insta‑KLEENs help us deliver on that promise, pure and simple.”

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