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Successes In Car Washing
Tom Holzer Ford

insta‑KLEEN™ Washes 220,000 Cars, Helps Fuel Dealer’s Growth

Which is faster? This Mustang or the insta‑KLEEN™?

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – As a dealership grows, so do its car washing needs. Just ask Buzzy Holzer, second-generation owner of Tom Holzer Ford. “I took over the store in 2000,” Holzer recounts, “and I immediately saw the need to expand our service area and body shop.” He adds “Within a year we had started a new building that doubled the size of each – up to 36 service bays and 16 body shop stalls.”

As part of that expansion, Holzer also added a Belanger insta‑KLEEN™ car wash. “We had always hand washed vehicle deliveries,” he remarks, “but after 27 years of steady growth, it was just getting too labor intensive.” He adds “Just as it was time to expand our facilities, it was time to have a real car wash.”

Facilities Manager Jim McIntyre agrees, noting that the insta‑KLEEN™ has done more than speed vehicle deliveries – it’s improved the dealer’s service offering, too. “Historically, we weren’t able to wash service vehicles, since we didn’t have the manpower,” he says. “With the insta‑KLEEN, we wash every car. Whether sold, serviced or repaired, they all leave clean.”

“Washing service vehicles has given us a competitive advantage,” Holzer observes. “Today, every customer expects it, but not every dealership does it.” He remarks “Service customers deserve to receive their vehicles back in better condition, which means fixed – and clean.” Holzer laughs “We’ve always been known as the ‘No Problem Dealer,’ and now it’s no problem to give every customer a clean car.”

“Our insta‑KLEEN's high throughput makes it possible to wash every car, quickly and affordably. After 220,000 cars of dependable performance, we still get a clean car in under a minute, for less than 50 cents.”

— Buzzy Holzer, Tom Holzer Ford

“Our insta‑KLEEN's high throughput makes it possible to wash every car, quickly and affordably,” Holzer says. “After 220,000 cars of dependable performance, we still get a clean car in under a minute, for less than 50 cents.” He adds “Our customers get a clean car with no waiting, which doubles their appreciation. I’m certain it’s increased our repeat business.”

McIntyre notes that the insta‑KLEEN’s fast wash times and low labor expense go hand-in-hand. “Not only does the insta‑KLEEN dramatically reduce labor costs,” he says, “it also distributes the expense among more employees.” He explains “As a drive-through, the insta‑KLEEN is simple. Any employee can use it, so we have 90 employees washing cars, each spending only one minute on a wash.”

“The wash has been very popular with our employees,” Holzer remarks. “So we allow them to wash their personal vehicles, too.” He continues “It’s a nice perk for them, and it keeps everyone familiar with the machine.” Holzer adds “Clean employee cars are also good for our image, and our business. You just don’t want dirty cars parked at your dealership, whether they’re for sale or not.”

According to McIntyre, the insta‑KLEEN™ is also a hit with the dealership’s tenant. “We have an Enterprise car rental here that relies on the insta‑KLEEN, too,” he says. “So our sales people use it. Our service people. Our employees. And our tenant.” McIntyre concludes “The only thing we haven’t done is open the wash to the public.” He quips “That may be next. I’m sure the insta‑KLEEN could handle it!”

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