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Successes In Car Washing
Varsity Auto Group

insta‑KLEEN™ Washes 300,000 Cars; Earns Spot at Second Dealership

Out with the old: Varsity Ford removes its rollover wash

Varsity Ford's new insta‑KLEEN™: the group's second

NOVI, MI – When you operate two top dealerships, you’ve earned the highest standing with your customers ... and you strive to keep it. “Varsity Lincoln-Mercury has been the nation's #1 Lincoln-Mercury dealer in sales for 13 years running,” says service director Rick Castanos. “Our customers have high expectations from us. To exceed those expectations, we need to deliver a ‘wow’ experience, every time.”

Castanos says one big improvement was the addition of a Belanger insta‑KLEEN™ car wash. “In 2004, we came to a turning point regarding vehicle washing at the dealership,” he recalls. “Although it was only six years old, our rollover wash was slow and frequently breaking down.” Castanos notes “We were washing vehicle deliveries but not service cars.” He adds “It was time to get serious about washing every car.”

“We’ve washed over 300,000 vehicles with our insta‑KLEEN, including deliveries, service cars and rentals. It reliably washes a car in about one minute. Our customers get a clean car every time – with no waiting!”

— Rick Castanos, Varsity Auto Group

As Castanos observes, another rollover was not the answer. “A new rollover would have been more reliable, but still too slow,” he remarks. “We realized the rollover format was the limiting factor. It just takes too long to make multiple passes over the vehicle.” He recalls “I found several local washes I liked and saw they all wash a moving car – and all use Belanger.”

Seeking the same speed and wash quality, Castanos contacted the company. “David Belanger has taken great care of us,” he says. “He recommended the insta‑KLEEN drive-thru, which gives us the speed of a conveyor car wash, while delivering a lower equipment cost and reduced maintenance requirement.” He adds “What’s more, the insta‑KLEEN is compact. It fits perfectly in the bay from our old rollover.”

Six years later, Castanos says the insta‑KLEEN™ has helped the dealership take its customer experience to the next level. “We’ve washed over 300,000 vehicles with our insta‑KLEEN, including deliveries, service cars and rentals,” he notes. “It reliably washes a car in about one minute.” He adds “Our customers get a clean car every time – with no waiting!”

Recently, the dealer replaced the rollover wash at its other store, as well. “Varsity Ford is one of Michigan's largest Ford dealers,” Castanos says. “With so many cars moving through the dealership, it had the same issues with its rollover – slow washing and frequent downtime.” He continues, “Fortunately, we knew the insta‑KLEEN was the answer. Now every Varsity Ford customer gets a clean car, too.”

“Varsity Lincoln-Mercury and Varsity Ford are both top stores,” Castanos says. “To stay there, we must create a pleasant, professional experience for every sales and service customer.” He adds “Giving every customer a clean car is an important part of that experience.” He concludes “We need a quick, reliable way to wash thousands of cars every month. At both locations, the insta‑KLEEN is our solution.”

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