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Successes In Car Washing
Union Park Automotive Group

Insta-KLEEN™ Washes 520,000 Cars at Delaware Dealer; Pays For Itself 15 Times Over

insta-KLEEN™ washes cars from all seven franchises

WILMINGTON, DE – With seven brands of new vehicles and a large pre-owned inventory, Union Park Automotive Group is the ‘one-stop shop’ for many car buyers in the Delaware Valley area. “Serving our customers means offering the best ‘fit’ for their lives and budgets,” says dealer Frank Ursomarso. “To help them choose, we show every car in its best light – clean, ready to go, and well presented.”

Since 1955, Union Park has kept every car on the lot washed as part of that commitment. “As you might guess, we started with hand washing – labor intensive, but worth it to keep our cars sparkling,” notes Ursomarso. “Ten years ago, we saw a better way – the insta-KLEEN drive-thru wash from Belanger.” He adds “We installed our own insta-KLEEN and still use it to wash everything. We haven’t looked back.”

According to Ursomarso, the insta-KLEEN™ offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is high throughput. “Compared to 15 minutes spent hand washing, the insta-KLEEN delivers a clean car in 60 seconds or less,” he remarks. “Since we routinely wash 200 cars per day, that means the insta-KLEEN is doing the work of six people.” He goes on “Now those six people can interact with customers instead.”

Of course, throughput is only valuable if it comes with great wash results. “The insta-KLEEN gives us consistently clean cars and does it quickly,” Ursomarso remarks. “By design, it cleans better and faster than a porter could – and does the same great job every time.” He continues “That’s why we rely on it

“Our insta-KLEEN has washed over 520,000 cars, quickly and reliably. At under 60 seconds per car, the labor savings have paid for the machine 15 times over. And, the only downtime has been to change the cloth!”

— Frank Ursomarso, Union Park Automotive Group

to wash all of our lot inventory, vehicle deliveries, and ‘demo’ cars, as well as every vehicle we service.”

Ursomarso says “It’s simple. Our insta-KLEEN has washed over 520,000 cars, quickly and reliably.” He notes “At under 60 seconds per car, the labor savings have paid for the machine 15 times over.” He pauses, then adds “And, the only downtime has been to change the cloth! It gradually wears down over time from constant washing … the machine just keeps running, from 8:00 to 5:30 every day.”

Not only does the insta-KLEEN™ save time and money, it saves valuable space, too. “With a 23-foot bay, the insta-KLEEN has a smaller footprint than the area we used to devote to hand washing,” Ursomarso comments. “And in the car business, every square foot counts.” He goes on “That’s more room we can devote to sales and service – better serving our customers, while best supporting our core business.”

Just as the insta-KLEEN™ conserves space, it’s also easy on resources. “The soft-cloth cleaning format cleans well, is gentle on the vehicle finish and doesn’t use too much soap,” Ursomarso says. “And the cleaning action of the cloth allows us to achieve great results while recycling our wash water.” He continues “That’s the right thing to do. It’s good for our business, our environment and our community.”

As Ursomarso observes, “Our cars are our image. Every clean vehicle that leaves our lot, whether sold or serviced, is a reflection on our group.” He adds “After 10 years with the insta-KLEEN, I know it’s perfect for any dealer who shares our commitment to keeping ’em clean.” He concludes “It’s just a really powerful tool for driving customer satisfaction. Our customers know they always get a clean car at Union Park.”

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