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Successes In Car Washing
Dick Genthe Chevrolet

insta‑KLEEN™ Washes 609,000 Cars; Helps Dealer Double Service Business

A new Malibu outside Dick Genthe's insta‑KLEEN™

The car enters the wash - one minute 'til it's clean!

SOUTHGATE, MI – When you’ve been selling and servicing cars for 94 years, you’ve washed more than a few of them. “At Dick Genthe Chevrolet, we’re in our fourth generation of family involvement,” says Fixed Operations Specialist Andrew Genthe. “As a family business, we’ve always taken a ‘hands-on’ approach to customer service.” He continues “For many years, that included hand washing customers’ vehicles.”

As Genthe notes, the dealership has been in business since 1916 – before Chevy was even part of GM. “As a long-established dealer, we've built up a residual business of repeat customers,” he remarks. “At Dick Genthe Chevrolet, that means a healthy volume of new and used sales, and a robust service business.” Genthe says that washing all those service cars isn’t just a courtesy – it’s a business requirement.

“We’ve washed over 609,000 cars with our insta-KLEEN. It gives us a clean car in about a minute, and the reliability to spend time servicing cars, instead of fixing our wash.”

— Andrew Genthe, Dick Genthe Chevrolet

“Washing the customer’s car is part of every service job at Dick Genthe Chevrolet,” he observes. “The work isn’t finished until the car is clean.” Genthe continues, “To do any service work well, you need the right tools – and car washing is no exception.” He adds “So 18 years ago, we invested in a Belanger insta‑KLEEN wash system. It’s purpose-built for our needs, and helps us wash cars better, faster and cheaper.”

According to Genthe, the insta‑KLEEN™ has paid for itself many times. “We’ve washed over 609,000 cars with our insta‑KLEEN,” he notes. “It gives us a clean car in about a minute, and the reliability to spend time servicing cars, instead of fixing our wash.” Genthe remarks “Its high throughput does more than save us money, it increases customer satisfaction, especially during our peak service hours.”

Genthe says that while customer satisfaction is priceless, it’s easy to quantify the labor savings. “On average, we wash over 100 cars a day,” Genthe notes. “At a minute a car, versus a 15-minute hand wash, the insta‑KLEEN saves us 23 labor hours a day.” He adds “That’s three full-time people we can use elsewhere, in positions that generate revenue for the dealership.”

The dealership’s commitment to great service hasn’t just won the appreciation of customers, Genthe says. “GM selected Dick Genthe Chevrolet to provide service to Saturn customers, now that the Saturn brand has been phased out,” he notes. “Overnight, our service business has doubled.” He adds “Not only did our insta‑KLEEN help us win this business, it will help us keep it.”

Genthe concludes “Saturn customers anticipate a high level of customer service. At Dick Genthe Chevrolet, we’re poised to deliver the service experience Saturn owners expect – because we already do it for our Chevy customers.” Genthe says the family believes that actions always speak louder than words. “The wash is the best thank-you we can offer,” he adds. “It’s a nice perk that keeps folks coming back.”

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