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Successes In Car Washing insta-KLEEN™
Lindsay Cadillac / Lindsay Lexus

insta-KLEEN™ Washes Save Dealerships Money – and Generate Revenue!

The dealerships' two insta-KLEEN™ bays

A customer vehicle enters the 'red' insta-KLEEN™

ALEXANDRIA, VA – When you’re washing 300 cars a day by hand, you start to think there must be a better way. Especially when you’re washing them for free. “At Lindsay Cadillac and Lindsay Lexus, we wash every vehicle we service, six days a week,” says James Pollack of the Cadillac dealer.

According to Pollack, hand-washing is common in car dealerships. “The problem is, you must staff to meet your peak demand,” he says. “Since we’re washing cars as a courtesy, we must do it well, and quickly.”

“About six years ago, we started looking into automated car washing,” Pollack notes. “Of all the options we considered, we liked Belanger’s insta-KLEEN the best. Its low maintenance design and high throughput of 60 cars per hour were appealing."

“From the day we installed them, our insta-KLEEN washes have saved us money and time on every one of the hundreds of cars we wash each day.”

— James Pollack, Lindsay Cadillac

Although the two dealerships are located on the same property, they decided to purchase two insta-KLEEN™ washes, one for each. “We believed strongly that the insta-KLEEN would save time and money,” Pollack observes. “And the company wanted each dealership to have access to its own wash.” He adds “So we invested in two machines, and a new, centrally located building for them both.”

Pollack says the washes have far exceeded expectations. “Now, the only labor we invest in car washing, is one porter to drive the car through the wash,” Pollack observes. “And the insta-KLEEN delivers a clean vehicle in about one minute, a fraction of the time that hand washing takes.” He adds “Not only that, but the insta-KLEEN delivers a much more consistent wash than any porter can.”

“Lindsay Cadillac and Lexus have been saving money on car wash labor and chemicals both for six years now,” says Sean Lane of Carwash Solutions, the Belanger distributor that began servicing the dealers this year. “The courtesy wash is an important part of their business model,” Lane explains, “but this year we added an revenue generating option to help offset the operational costs of the washes.”

“In February we added an optional Rain-X application to our courtesy wash, at Sean’s suggestion,” says Pollack. “It’s been a tremendously valuable addition, both for the dealerships and our customers.” Pollack says that even though a small percentage of customers buy the Rain-X, those who do really appreciate it. “Better still,” he adds, “it’s offsetting more than 60 percent of the operational expense of both car washes!”

Pollack observes “From the day we installed them, our insta-KLEEN washes have saved us money and time on every one of the hundreds of cars we wash each day.” He notes “Today, the washes are generating revenue, that increases our savings even more.” Pollack concludes “Looking forward, we think it’s possible the washes will turn a profit – something unheard-of for service center car washes.”

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