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Successes In Car Washing FreeStyler®
Key Highway BP

Maryland FreeStyler® Washes Over 4,000 Cars a Month!

Four cars in line — on a Thursday afternoon!

Key Highway BP's FreeStyler® in action!

BALTIMORE, MD – Every retailer is familiar with the idea of maximizing revenue in terms of ‘dollars per square foot.’ Gas station and convenience store operators take this a step further – to make the most of every inch. According to Terry Thomas of Eastern Petroleum Corporation, this requires the right profit centers – and a plan to make them work together.

“You can’t maximize the potential of a site with just gas and a c-store,” Thomas observes. “So we're committed to providing the conveniences customers want, including gasoline, a c-store, quick-service food and a car wash.” Well known as a site developer, Eastern operates multiple locations of its own and supplies gasoline to more than 200 sites total.

"Only a quality wash can sustain that volume … and the FreeStyler delivers."

— Terry Thomas, Eastern Petroleum Corporation

The company’s Key Highway BP is a ‘showcase’ location where the company implements its own best ideas. The site features BP gasoline, a 4,700 square foot 7-Eleven store, Quizno’s subs – and a Belanger FreeStyler® soft-touch car wash.

In the past, Thomas notes, Eastern utilized typical gas station car washes – with typical outcomes. “The problem with the typical gas station wash, is that it delivers acceptable but not outstanding wash results,” he says. “In fact, many customers still expect that these washes should be free with a fill-up.” He adds “We needed a better wash at Key Highway – one that would be a revenue-producing focal point.”

“I called on Eastern about their chemical needs,” says Dave Singer of Clean Edge, the Belanger distributor that sold and installed the Key Highway FreeStyler®. “I discovered their need for a quality in-bay wash and recommended the FreeStyler.” He adds “I knew it would provide the results they sought, while handling the wash volume the site could generate.”

“Our FreeStyler ‘hit the ground running’ when the site opened,” Thomas says. “We were washing 100-plus cars a day, right away, thanks to high traffic counts, our save-per-gallon cross promotion, and strong word-of-mouth.” Adds Thomas “But only a quality wash can sustain that volume … and the FreeStyler delivers. Nearly three years later, we’re washing 4,000-plus cars per month, or nearly 50,000 per year.”

In fact, the wash’s stellar performance at Key Highway has already earned another FreeStyler® a place at a second company-owned location ... with a third location under consideration.

Thomas observes “That’s the beauty of a multiple site operation. We can multiply our success at one location by replicating it.” He adds “With the FreeStyler, it’s easy to upgrade a site’s car wash performance.” He concludes “At Eastern, we not only enjoy these benefits ourselves, we recommend the FreeStyler with confidence to our customers.”

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