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Successes In Car Washing Pivoting Wheel Stinger®
Veldman's Marathon

Pivoting Wheel Stinger® Gives Four Chances to Impress Car Wash Customers

Veldman Marathon's Pivoting Wheel Stinger®

MISHAWAKA, IN — While most car wash operators think of washing cars from the top down, Willy Veldman thinks differently. “A clean car starts from the ground up,” Veldman says. “Wheels and tires are hugely important to customers, and they should be the first consideration for car wash owners, too.”

As a veteran car washer, service-station owner and dyed-in-the-wool ‘car guy,’ Veldman speaks from experience. Veldman knows first-hand how much his customers care about their wheels and tires. And tires are the family business; another Veldman family member owns TireRack.com, the leading online retailer of tires and aftermarket rims.

“I built a Belanger tunnel wash for Willy in 1996 at his Marathon station in South Bend,” recalls Ken Money of Indy Distributors. “So when Willy wanted to build a tunnel at his Mishawaka station, we talked about Belanger’s latest tunnel equipment, and how we could build the best wash at the new site.”

“This was late in 2007,” Veldman recalls. “I was intrigued by Belanger’s Pivoting Wheel Stinger then under development,” Veldman says. “I especially liked the idea of a touch-free wheel cleaner that would blast wheels clean on the wash line.” Veldman adds “What excited me most was the following action of the Pivoting Wheel Stinger, that tracks each wheel for extended cleaning, even at high line speeds.”

“Willy got the very first Pivoting Wheel Stinger,” Money says. “So he has more experience with it than

“The Pivoting Wheel Stinger catches the customer’s eye with its wheel-tracking magic. Then it makes a big impression with its powerful, high-pressure water spray.”

— Willy Veldman, Veldman's Marathon

anyone else.” Money notes “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger is a real focal point. People notice it, they remember it, and they come back for it.” Money adds “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger is what sells Willy’s top wash. Folks know they can’t get this focused wheel cleaning at just any wash — they have to see Willy.”

“The Pivoting Wheel Stinger does a great job,” Veldman observes. “But it’s not just about the wheel cleaning results. It’s also about the impressive show we’re able to put on.” Veldman notes “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger catches the customer’s eye with its wheel-tracking magic. Then it makes a big impression with its powerful, high-pressure water spray.” Veldman adds “It’s clear something special is happening in the wash.”

“Willy bought this location from Marathon corporate,” notes Money. “Marathon had installed your typical gas station rollover — nothing special.” Money observes “Willy knew the rollover wouldn’t fit his business model. He wanted to be doing the kind of volume that calls for a tunnel wash — and he wanted to produce lots of clean cars with lots of clean tires and wheels.”

“My Belanger tunnel in Mishawaka is performing exactly as I expected,” Veldman says. “It’s not just a ‘gas station car wash,’ it’s a quality car wash located on the same site as the gas station.” Veldman adds “This isn’t simply about capturing extra dollars from gas customers who are already on site. It’s about drawing additional customers on the site who wash their cars, and then also buy gas while they’re here.”

“It’s like any business,” Veldman says. “You get the business because you earn it, whether it’s a car wash or a fill up.” Veldman concludes “People are passionate about their cars, and so am I. We keep them going, and get them looking their best, down to where the rubber meets the road. For me, washing a car isn’t just a chance to impress your customer. It’s four chances to impress — and every wheel matters.”

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