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Successes In Car Washing QuickFire® Wrap
Canton Car Wash

QuickFire® Wrap Helps Wash Put Out a Cleaner, Greener Car

Canton Car Wash

The wash's tunnel includes a QuickFire® Wrap

BALTIMORE, MD — Car wash customers reward washes they like with their loyalty, visiting more often and spending more while they’re there. But sometimes, an exceptional wash is awarded additional recognition. Such is the case with Canton Car Wash, where Baltimore Magazine’s editors have named the wash “Best Car Wash” in the publication’s “Best of Baltimore” 2009 feature.

This is especially remarkable considering the wash opened in April 2009, and received the honor in August. “People are definitely noticing the wash,” says John Forrest of New Dawn Distributing, the Belanger distributor who sold and installed the equipment. “They’ve got a great location, a great looking site, and great marketing with their 'Squeaky Green' branding.”

“Our QuickFire Wrap assures us of great front, back and side coverage, regardless of line speeds. It's an important key to putting out a consistently clean car."

— Chris Rivera, Canton Car Wash

“Being a truly green car wash is one of the most important things to us,” says Chris Rivera, one of three friends who own and operate the wash. “A lot of folks initially told us we should build a touchless wash, thinking it would set us apart from cloth tunnels.” Rivera adds “But John showed us how touchless washing was less green, because it requires more water, more chemicals, and harsher chemistry.”

“I took Chris, John and Tom to tour several washes,” recalls Forrest. “I wanted to show them how clean a soft-cloth tunnel could get a car, especially with minimal water requirements.” Forrest adds “Their property allows for a 90 foot tunnel, so we needed to be smart about getting a clean car in the available space, while conserving water at each step.”

“I worked with the guys to design the equipment package that would clean cars the best at their wash,” Forrest says. “I told them, you can only have a sustained environmental benefit if you stay in business — which means bringing cars back.”

“Our QuickFire Wrap assures us of great front, back and side coverage, regardless of line speeds,” Rivera notes. "It's an important key to putting out a consistently clean car."

According to Rivera, reliable operation is just as important as reliable results. “All of our Belanger equipment runs smoothly,” Rivera says, “Especially our DuraTrans conveyor. It helps us spend time running our car wash, instead of fixing equipment.”

“Chris, John and Tom are doing well by doing right,” Forrest says. “Their Belanger equipment provides a strong foundation for their ‘green’ tunnel. Along with a reclaim system that recycles 80 to 90 percent of their water, they're able to put out a consistently clean car — in the most environmentally sound way. Given their early success, I’m certain their customers will always be as kind to the wash, as the wash is to our planet.”

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