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Successes In Car Washing
Miracle Car Wash

Saber™ Helps Rebuild Kentucky Wash; Sets Car Count Record at Site

Saber™ more than triples the wash's best car counts!

LIBERTY, KY – As insurance agent and car wash owner Todd Hoskins will tell you, his two ventures have a lot in common. “Success in business is about managing risk while maximizing reward,” he observes. “In car washing, you manage risk first by choosing the right location.” He adds, “To maximize your reward, you must choose the right equipment, and offer the service and pricing that best suits your market.”

As a self-employed professional, Hoskins knew he had to plan for his own retirement. “I purchased an existing wash about five years ago,” he remembers. “I chose a site with one touchless automatic and three spray bays, expecting it would operate profitably and with minimal intervention.” He continues “As I got closer to retirement, I knew that asset would grow in value, giving me some favorable options.”

The site, named Miracle Car Wash, did exactly that – except that the aging rollover-style wash became the source of nagging problems. “It was just plain worn out,” Hoskins notes. “The rollover needed more frequent repairs, and the wash quality began to suffer.” Hoskins began looking for a quality used machine to replace it with – one that was affordable, a lot newer, and with many fewer washes on the meter.

Then nature forced his hand. Liberty was devastated by an epic flash flood – which far exceeded the area’s 100-Year Flood Level in just a few hours. The surging Green River pushed past its banks, submerging 80% of nearby businesses – including the car wash. Although the wash was insured, Hoskins says the policy – like

“The Saber puts out a cleaner car than our rollover ever did – and our customers really enjoy using it! Everyone gets their car in position, on the first try. Best of all, I never have to come reset the wash!”

— Todd Hoskins, Miracle Car Wash

most flood coverage – carried a high deductible and some wide-ranging exclusions.

“Closing the wash was not an option,” Hoskins recalls. “I needed to put the site back in working order with the minimum expense.” He called a vendor in Ohio about replacing his autocashier. The vendor, also a Belanger distributor, told Hoskins about the new Saber™ touchless in-bay. After talking with the factory, Hoskins was referred to Dean Smith, of area Belanger distributor Sun Car Wash Services, Inc.

“I knew the Saber™ was going to be a great fit for Todd’s site,” comments Smith. “I told him we could reload his bay with a brand new machine, priced at less than $75,000.” He says “I then showed Todd how he’d enjoy increased reliability with the overhead gantry and grease-free design.” Smith adds that they also discussed how the Saber™ could wash a wider range of vehicles – a plus for the business.

“Everything Belanger and Dean have promised has been true,” Hoskins remarks. “The Saber puts out a cleaner car than our rollover ever did – and our customers really enjoy using it!” he notes. As Hoskins observes, the illuminated dual wash arms provide a navigational cue every driver understands. “Everyone gets their car in position, on the first try,” he says. “Best of all, I never have to come reset the wash!”

According to Hoskins, the business results are equally impressive. “Our best weekends have always been 50 or 60 cars in the automatic,” Hoskins says. “But we recently did 191 cars in those two days – more than triple what we’d expect!” Hoskins concludes, “Unlike our old manufacturer and distributor, Belanger and Sun Car Wash Services were there for us during our toughest time. That’s why we look forward to washing cars with them both for years to come!”

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