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Successes In Car Washing
Westgate Mobil

Saber® Reload Increases Wash Counts 25%; Earns Spot at Other Sites

Saber® has set a new standard for future projects

MADISON, WI – As Farooq Shahzad, the owner of Westgate Mobil (and eight other gas / c-store combos) will tell you, there are two ways to grow a business – add locations, and build sales volumes and receipts at each site. “In fact, it is by increasing same-store sales that you fund expansion into more locations,” he notes. “That’s why I’m always looking for ways to add value and profit centers to each of my sites.”

At three of his sites, Shahzad has a touchless automatic car wash – and uses it, both to drive fuel sales and incremental car wash revenues. “The car wash cannot be just a convenience for the customer,” he remarks. “It must be a business ‘winner’ in its own right.” That’s why Shahzad recently had no hesitation about replacing a tired old one-arm system, with a new Belanger Saber® dual-arm touchless wash.

“When Steve showed me the Saber, I knew it was the right wash for this bay,” Shahzad says, crediting Steve Heideman of Belanger distributor Oil Equipment Company with always looking out for his business. “He’s earned our business with great service and well-priced, effective chemistry,” he notes. “I trust Steve’s recommendation. Plus, it was self-evident that the Saber had much greater customer appeal.”

“It was time to reload, and I saw the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ both the user experience and the wash’s financial performance,” says Heideman. “I told him the Saber’s lighted arms would deliver an inviting wash, while the two-arm format provides efficient washing

“Our Saber is a focal point that draws traffic onto the lot. Folks LOVE the color-changing arms that make loading a breeze. And the on-board dryer provides consistent results that adds real value to our top packages.”

— Farooq Shahzad, Westgate Mobil

and rinsing. He adds “We also discussed the DuoDry system with on-board dryer – which allows operators to ‘upsell’ tiered drying in their packages.”

Shahzad agrees with Heideman. “It’s brought new life to the site, that’s for sure.” He explains, “Our Saber is a focal point that draws traffic onto the lot.” Shahzad continues, “Folks LOVE the color-changing arms that make loading a breeze.” Speaking of the Saber’s included Duo-Dry™ system, he adds “And the on-board dryer provides consistent results that adds real value to our top packages.”

Of course, popularity only pays when it results in tangible business increases. “We’ve already enjoyed a 25 percent growth in wash volumes,” Shahzad observes, “and it’s still growing nearly six months later.” He goes on, “Moreover, the improvement was instant. Our customers were intensely interested when the wash was going in, and we’ve washed more cars ever since. It was like someone flipped a light switch.”

According to Heideman, the Saber® is a good fit for Shahzad’s business – and his wash bay. “The Saber isn’t just a profit center; it’s a business tool that helps increase the total value of the site,” he notes. “And because it’s a complete, ‘wash & dry ready’ system, the Saber helps us makes good use of his available space – allowing us to put the pump station and chemicals in the bay, since there is no back room.”

“The Saber has proven itself at Westgate, and earned its place in our future reloads and new construction,” Shahzad remarks. “We’re planning a tenth location now, which will include a Saber right from the start.” He concludes “We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our car wash revenues with Oil Equipment Company and Belanger. This is the brightest idea I’ve seen in touchless automatics.”

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