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Georgetown Esso

Saber® Reload Modernizes Gas Station Wash Bay; Increases Sales 25%

Saber® opens up the wash bay – and its potential

GEORGETOWN, ON – When George Kontostergios and Tony Nifo built the Georgetown Esso station 11 years ago, they planned to meet the ‘on the go’ needs of motorists – with gasoline, a c-store and a car wash. “We built the car wash after our first year, and haven’t looked back,” Kontostergios says. “We’ve been committed to providing a quality car wash that’s quick and fairly priced for over 10 years now.”

While the station’s original car wash was a one-arm touchless rollover, the owners recently updated the wash bay – with a Belanger Saber® two-arm touchless automatic. “After 10 years, our first wash was causing more frequent downtime and requiring more costly repairs,” Kontostergios notes. “We took advantage of the need to ‘reload’ the wash – using it as an opportunity to upgrade our offering.”

“We had provided chemical to the site for several years, so we were very familiar with its wash business,” says Brad Goetz of Belanger distributor Mondo Products. “We knew this was a strong location with loyal customers – a perfect candidate for an equipment reload at the 10-year mark.” He adds “So we showed George and Tony how the Saber would ‘promote itself’ as folks noticed the bay’s appealing new look.”

Kontostergios attended the Toronto CARWACS show to see the Saber® for himself. “It was clear the Saber was the ‘star attraction’ among touchless in-bays,” he observes. “The color-changing lighted arms are a real attention-getter, that make the wash more user-friendly and appealing to customers.” He says that appeal is

“Our Saber is a ‘quantum leap’ from our old rollover. Its overhead rails open up the bay, while the lighted arms make loading cars a breeze. Folks love the triple foam and on-board dryer, too – wash sales are up 25%!”

— George Kontostergios, Georgetown Esso

supported by an array of standard features that help make the Saber popular at his site.

“What a difference 10 years makes!” Kontostergios observes. “Our Saber is a ‘quantum leap’ from our old rollover,” he remarks. “Its overhead rails open up the bay, while the lighted arms make loading cars a breeze.” He adds, “Customers love the triple foam and on-board dryer, too – our car wash sales are up 25%!” The station also raised all wash prices $1 – helping build margin on top of the higher volumes.

Kontostergios says what’s equally impressive about the Saber® are all the benefits his customers don’t see. “The overhead rails keep the running gear up and away from dirt and grit,” he explains. “And the whole design uses two sealed motors with just three moving parts – and zero grease points.” He goes on, “Belanger considered the user experience – but also gave thought to the ongoing needs of the operator.”

According to Kontostergios, the Saber® reload has been the perfect continuation of the site’s original commitment to Georgetown residents. “We have always strived to do everything well for our customers – including the car wash,” he comments. “The Saber enables users to benefit from the latest advances in touchless automatic car washing – bringing a decade of progress to our wash bay, literally overnight.”

In fact, Kontostergios says it’s hard to imagine a time when the Saber® might feel outdated. “It’s ironic that our old wash was named after a type of butterfly,” he notes. “Our Saber bay is much more open and airy, and the Saber virtually ‘floats’ above the car.” And what about the next time his bay needs a reload? “I’m sure we’ll be working with Mondo and Belanger,” he says. “If anyone can top the Saber, they can!”

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