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Successes In Car Washing
The Good Spray

Saber® Reload Raises Expectations at Utah Wash – Even When it Rains Mud!

Saber® reload is a 'super' upgrade for this proven site

FARMINGTON, UT – When Sydney and Kelly King of The Good Spray bought three car wash locations from an Illinois-based company in 2008, they saw a ‘super’ opportunity to offer a better wash experience to area residents. “These sites had loyal customers that deserved the attention of a local owner-operator,” Sydney King says. “So we kept the dedicated employees, and started making needed improvements.”

According to King, one significant change was to form a strong working relationship with Kerry Shimada, of Belanger distributor Arcadian Services. “We met Kerry at the 2008 ICA Show, and he has been instrumental in helping us produce clean cars profitably, while keeping our sites running smoothly,” she notes. “We also discussed with Kerry ‘reloading’ our busiest automatic bay, with new equipment.”

“We recently installed a Belanger Saber® touchless automatic at the Farmington site,” Shimada explains. “Compared to the old oval-track system, the Saber is an exponential improvement.” He explains, “The floor-mounted guiderails are gone, which really opens up the bay.” He goes on, “Combined with the dual Illuminated wash arms and LED Navigation System, the wash is lighter, brighter and much more inviting.”

King agrees. “The Saber does a great job of promoting itself – the light-up arms attract attention, generate interest, and help pull cars in off the street.” She adds “And it’s getting fantastic ‘word of mouth,’ too … our customers are definitely talking about the new machine." King notes that since the Saber® is now the

“Our Saber gets cars much cleaner than the old oval-track machine – the dual presoaks are a huge help! And folks love the triple foam and effective on-board dryer. So we’re planning Sabers at our other sites, too.”

— Sydney King, The Good Spray

obvious focal point of The Good Spray’s Farmington location, it’s helped give the site a ‘new lease on life.’

Speaking of leasing, King says it was a simple matter to secure affordable lease financing for the new Saber®. “It’s a good-looking machine, from an established, reputable equipment manufacturer – and its generous feature set means we can generate more revenue per car than ever before,” she observes. “It was an easy ‘sell’ to finance, and the attractive equipment price made the deal very straightforward.”

As King observes, equipment acquisition is one thing – but the wash system’s day-to-day performance is the key to on-going success in the bay. “Our Saber gets cars much cleaner than the old oval-track machine – the dual presoaks are a huge help!” she remarks. “And folks love the triple foam and effective on-board dryer.” She goes on, “So we’re planning Sabers at our other sites, too.”

Recently, the Saber got an unusual chance to prove its mettle – the local area was pelted with an uncommon ‘mud storm,’ created when a dust cloud and rain storm collided. As a result, it literally rained mud, coating every vehicle in sight – and created a huge demand for car washes. “Our Saber washed non-stop that day, car after car, and never missed a beat,” King says. “We were very impressed.”

Mud storms aside, the Saber has impressed on more typical days, as well. “With its user-friendly design and extra-service features, the Saber keeps folks coming back and supports profitable upselling,” King notes. “We’re getting $10 for the top package now, which used to be $7.” She adds “More importantly, our Saber is helping The Good Spray live up to its name – which is why we intend to buy two more!”

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