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Northern Oasis Wash Center

Saber™ Reloads Touchless Bay, Gives Wash ‘Head Start on The Future’

Saber™ gives regular visitors an appealing new wash

MEADOW LAKE, SASKATCHEWAN – When Lisa Carbert and her father Norman built the Northern Oasis Wash Center in 2005, they were new to the business but very familiar with the market. “We opened the wash to fill a real unmet need here in Meadow Lake,” Carbert recalls. “There were self-serve wash bays nearby but no automatic wash – and no place to wash semis and other large trucks.”

With a good mix of residential and shopping traffic, plus a smattering of 18-wheelers and logging vehicles, Meadow Lake offered a ready-made customer base for the new wash. “We get a lot of muddy vehicles here, so we opted for touchless cleaning in both bays,” Carbert comments. “For the large vehicle bay we went with manual spray wands.” She adds “For the automatic we installed a used single-arm machine.”

Of course, the single-arm automatic saw the most use, washing many of the area’s passenger vehicles on a regular basis. “Going with a five-year old machine definitely lowered our entry cost for opening the wash,” Carbert remarks. “On the other hand, it also required us to get proficient at keeping that machine running – we literally became our own technicians by doing a lot of ongoing maintenance and repair work!”

“At the customer’s request, we installed the used machine to get them ‘up and running’ within their budget,” says Bill Fisher of J.A. Robinson Pump. “Although the wash needed an increasing amount of attention, we provided a lot of advice to help keep it going.” He adds “We really commend Lisa and Norman

“Our Saber gave us an appealing new wash at a used-wash price. The standard triple foam and DuoDry system are fantastic! And the lube-free design 'runs and runs' with little maintenance – that’s a welcome change!”

— Lisa Carbert, Northern Oasis Wash Center

for their ‘hands on’ approach – they had a laser-like focus on making the old machine work.”

Carbert agrees. “After five years, our business had proven its merits, and we knew that a new automatic would take us to the next level.” She observes “I knew the old machine ‘inside and out,’ which is exactly why I replaced it with something different.” Citing the old wash’s ongoing electrical faults and need for festoon cables, Carbert says she was excited to learn about Belanger’s new Saber™ touchless in-bay.

“I whole-heartedly recommended the Saber for Lisa and Norman’s reload,” says Fisher. “I showed them how the Saber’s design combines high customer appeal, a rugged drivetrain, and a flexible chemical delivery system that supports lots of upsell options.” He adds “These qualities are the reason why J.A. Robinson is proud to be a Belanger distributor, offering high-value equipment for in-bays and tunnels alike.”

“Bill was right,” Carbert says. “Our Saber gave us an appealing new wash at a used-wash price.” She comments “The standard triple foam and DuoDry system are fantastic!” adding “And the lube-free design 'runs and runs' with little maintenance – that’s a welcome change!” As Carbert observes, a soon-to-open competitor will ‘probably’ start off with equipment similar to her ‘old’ wash.

“I just wish the Saber had been available in 2005 – we would have chosen it, for sure!” Carbert remarks. She jokes “I know where the competition is starting, and I don’t envy them at all.” She adds “At Northern Oasis we’re not concerned with the new guys.” Carbert concludes “Between our established clientele and the new Saber, we don’t just have a jump on the business; we’ve got a head-start on the future.”

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