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Successes In Car Washing
Murlin's Car Wash

Saber™ Revives Wash Bay; More Than Doubles Top Package Sales

With the Saber™, 65% of customers buy the top wash

FT. FRANCES, ON – When Murry Snider of Murlin’s Car Wash went shopping for a new touchless automatic, he knew exactly what to look for. “After 12 years with our old rollover, we uncovered everything – good and bad – about that unit,” he remarks. “With the ice, gravel, salt and sand we get, it was clear that touchless was a good choice for us. We also knew that a rollover has issues dealing with all that grit.”

Snider says an even bigger issue stems from his community’s requirement that he operate the wash ‘behind closed doors.’ “This is a residential area, so we must keep the doors down to reduce the noise,” he notes. “Unfortunately, the closed doors ‘concentrate’ the chemical and water mist, which ate away at the rollover.” He adds “It didn’t help having everything in the bay – the pumps got eaten up, too.”

Looking for a solution, Snider found Belanger’s touchless in-bay washes online – and chose the Saber™ after further research. “I was intrigued by the overhead rail design that keeps the motors and drive gear up out of harm’s way,” he observes. “Even more attractive was the way the Saber allows the pumps and mixing equipment to be kept in the back room. Only the frame, rails and wash head are in my bay.”

“I contacted Murry to learn more about his needs,” recalls Al Huntington of Belanger. “I recommended the Saber as the perfect fit for his business.” He says “I showed Murry how the Saber would ‘stand up’ to closed-door washing, with its powder-coated carriage

“The lighted dual wash arms are intuitive and get cars loaded fast. Then the arms wash the whole car, quickly and well. That's important - the Saber washes the backs of cars much better than a rollover can.”

— Murry Snider, Murlin's Car Wash

and frame, galvanized frame rails and epoxy-coated drive motors.” He adds “And with the DuoDry system, on-board and drive-thru drying are both possible.”

Snider agrees. “The workmanship and materials on the Saber are top-notch.” He comments “When you start using a machine like this, you see the care and thoughtfulness that went into it. It’s given us a first-hand appreciation for how well this machine is designed.” He adds “It’s clear to us that the Saber isn’t just built to clean cars; it’s truly engineered for the car wash environment.”

Of course, all that engineering has to translate to real-world performance – and in Murlin’s case, it does. “We’ve washed thousands of cars since installing our Saber,” Snider says. “Since it uses all greased-for-life bearings and lube-free pivot points, we’ve had to do nothing with the machine – except wash cars and make money. It’s the best value in a touchless wash today, no question.”

Snider says his loyal customers have helped greatly with the money-making part. “Our customers really love this machine,” he remarks. “The lighted dual wash arms are intuitive and get cars loaded fast.” He continues “Then the arms wash the whole car, quickly and well. That's important - the Saber washes the backs of cars much better than a rollover can.”

According to Snider, 65% of customers now buy the ‘top package’, compared to 30% with the rollover. “That’s a $3 upsell from the basic wash,” he says. “They know the Saber’s triple foam and sealant wax are way better, and they appreciate the long drying cycle.” He concludes, “With our weather and road conditions, some folks expect a miracle at Murlin's. You could say our Saber brought back the magic.”

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