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Successes In Car Washing
Waverly Woods Shell

Saber™ Touchless Automatic Completes High-End Bay in Affluent Market

Inviting Saber™ bay gives users the 'green light'

Appealing exterior sign hints at the experience inside

WOODSTOCK, MD – When you build a gas station with convenience store and car wash in a high-end location, everything about the site should exceed the expectations of your clientele. “Developing this site gave us a real opportunity to cultivate an affluent customer base,” says Rick Levitan of Waverly Woods Shell. “But to make the most of that opportunity, we had to get every detail exactly right.”

Levitan says his customers are discerning folks, who expect an above-average experience – even at a gas station. “We’re part of the Waverly Woods Village shopping center, which sets the tone for our site,” he notes. “Our guests are looking for a clean, friendly and attractive setting – especially in our car wash.” He observes that the wash is a key differentiator for the location, with no notable competition nearby.

“We have a Belanger Vector at another site, and we chose the Saber for this one,” Levitan remarks. “The

“The Saber elevates our bay from ‘gas station wash’ to valued destination. The friendly design and lighted arms ‘wow’ every user ... and the standard triple foam and dual wax options make it truly ‘top wash’ ready!”

— Rick Levitan, Waverly Woods Shell

Saber delivers the same ‘open bay’ environment and reliable touchless cleaning, with an enhanced user experience,” he says. “Both bays are bright and airy, while the Saber adds an appealing light show.”

“Rick and his business partner Doug Grills have done very well with their Vector, so I recommended the Saber as the perfect fit for their new location,” says Tighe Gillis of Carwash Solutions, the Belanger distributor who sold and installed both machines. “I knew their vision for this bay was a bright, clean space with a lot of ‘wow’ factor – and they’ve leveraged the Saber’s strengths to help create it.”

Levitan agrees. “We’ve used white Extrutech and metal halide lighting to ‘set the stage’ for the Saber,” he says. “We also designed the bay with five windows that let in natural light. When the customer pulls in, they’re already impressed before the Saber starts washing.” He adds “Then the machine delivers a stellar touchless wash. Between that and the DuraShiner CF tire shiner, they know this is no ordinary in-bay.”

As Levitan observes, “The Saber elevates our bay from ‘gas station wash’ to valued destination.” He notes “The friendly design and lighted arms ‘wow’ every user,” adding “and the standard triple foam and dual wax options make it truly ‘top wash’ ready!” According to Levitan, that top package appeals to most of his customers, and over half regularly choose the top wash – a $3 upsell from the basic wash.

“With the top package, they get the whole show,” he remarks. “The Saber ‘sells’ every service with flash and pizzazz.” He adds “The dedicated triple foam pods deliver a fantastic presentation, and folks are really intrigued by the DuraShiner CF. It works well and it’s just plain cool.” Levitan concludes “When it’s time to reload our Vector bay, I’m certain we’ll buy a second Saber. There’s just no question about it.”

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